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Applying for Animal Registration permit (local animal movement permit) in Kenya

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Applying for Animal Registration permit (local animal movement permit) in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Tue Jan 2020 09:40am
The person intending to transport the animals writes to the district veterinary officer requesting for inspection of the animals.
The person fills a form for transporting animals from one district to another.
The person then pays the required fees for inspection
The district veterinary officer then schedules for inspection of the animals and animal products.
Upon satisfaction the district veterinary officer then issues an animal registration permit.

Required Documents
A formal letter from the animal owner requesting for a permit.
A certified copy of the animal owners passport or identification document
Current Health Certificate from a Veterinary doctor from any local district
A vaccination card of the animal signed by a Veterinary doctor
A fee of Ks.1000 in cash or postal order payable to Kenya High Commission if you are out side Kenya

Office Locations & Contacts
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

P. O. Box 30028-00100 NAIROBI

ZIP Code; 254:

Country: Kenya

Tel: 254-02-2718870

City Code: 00100

Fax 254-02-42711149/2710808

E-mail -

All citizen of Kenya who wish to move their animal from one region to another are suppose to have a local movement permit.

A fee of Ks1000 is charged and it is paid to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and fisheries in Kenya.

This document is valid for 3 months and six months

Processing Time
Processing time is one day or 5 depending on the complex of the matter.

The animal registration certificate is issued by the district Veterinary officer after inspecting the animals.
The person transporting animals shall pay all the necessary fees before transporting the animals.
The veterinary officer has the right to deny a certificate if the person transporting the animals does not fulfill all necessary requirements.
The animal must be from any disease before transporting them to another region.
The person transporting the animal must confirm that is the owner of the animal.

Required Information
The animal current health background information of the animal stating the condition of the animal.
The detailed letter why the owner is requesting for a permit to transport the animal.
The identification document of the owner of the animal.
The vaccination card of the animal signed by the district Veterinary doctor.

Need for the Document
The main function of animal movement protection is to fulfill the requirement of animal protein through proper management and planned development, increase sociology-economic conditions of animals.

The animal should be accompanied by the certificate of a veterinary surgeon, signed not more than five days prior to the date of departure from the one place of origin, certifying that the animal is free from clinical symptoms of any contagious or infectious disease.
The animal is accompanied by a valid Rabies vaccination certificate stating-
The type, manufacturer and Batch No. of the vaccine;
The apparent age of the animal at the time of vaccination;
The date of vaccination

Information which might help
Any animal arriving into Kenya without the certificates stated is kept in quarantine, at the expenses of the owner, for up to six months with the exception that.
The arrival of any animal entering Kenya other than by sea at Mombasa or by air at Nairobi must be reported to the nearest veterinary office within three days of arrival. Validity of Rabies Vaccines - A certificate of Rabies vaccination is valid for all canines which are over the age of six months at vaccination and for all felines which are over the age of four months at vaccination, for the period specified.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate
This permit can be used to show proof of ownership.

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