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How to get Export Processing Zones (EPZ) Business Service Permit in Kenya

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How to get Export Processing Zones (EPZ) Business Service Permit in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Tue Jan 2020 03:15pm
EPZ Business service means a trade or business conducted in an EPZ by an entity which is not an EPZ enterprise. Any person may apply for an EPZ business service permit for eligible services (as set out in the schedule), to be carried out within an export processing zone.

Interested applicants submit an application form which provides information on the applicant, legal status, desired activity, location/space preferred, ownership, jobs to be created, evidence of relevant prior business experience and professional qualifications of staff to be hired.

The applicant also submits a business plan showing amounts to be invested and expected business outturn, along with copies of professional, business or occupational licenses and an application fee.

The Authority reviews the completed application and renders its decision within 30 days of application. Upon payment of the annual fee the EPZ business service permit is issued, valid for a period of 1 calendar year. The permit is not transferable.

Required Documents
Business plan
Certificate of registration
Copies of professional, business or occupational licenses
Application fee

Office Locations & Contacts

Export Processing Zones Authority
Head Office
Administration Building, Viwanda Road,
off Nairobi-Namanga Highway,
Athi River, Kenya
P.O. Box 50563
Nairobi 00200
ISDN +254-45-6621000
VoIP Lines: 020-7606040/3
Cellphone (Safaricom):0713-051172/3; (Airtel):0786-683222/0733-683222

Mombasa Office
P.O. Box 89474,
VoIP lines: 020 7606043
Wireless: 020-3555361

Activities eligible for business service permit include:

Commercial banking
Clearing and forwarding
Catering and Restaurant
Staff Recruitment and payroll services
Postal and telecommunication bureau
Office Service Bureau
Transportation services (freight and passenger)
Installation, repair and maintenance
Fitness club, sports club and gymnasium
Medical and related services
Laboratory, testing and quality certification services
Security Services
Business Consultancy Services (eg. Marketing, training, legal)
Insurance Services
Foreign Trade Mission (commercial trade offices)
International Disaster Relief Agencies
International Non-Governmental Organizations

License Costs

Application Fee

Sole proprietorship - KShs 2,000
Partnership - KShs 6,000
Companies - KShs 20,000

Annual EPZ Business Permit Fees

Sole Proprietorship - KShs 6,000
Partnership - KShs 10,000
Companies and Privileged entities - KShs 20,000

One year

Documents to Use
Application Forms and Permits

Application for an Export Processing Zones Business Service Permit

Processing Time
30 Days

Criteria for Approval

The Activity should be within the listed eligible activities
The applicant should be professionally qualified and adequately experienced to undertake the proposed business activity with reasonable high probability of success as demonstrated by submission of sound business plan and qualifications of key staff and directors.
The applicant is a person/company of good financial and/or ethical standing as attested to by submission of relevant references
For non-privileged entities the activity will not compromise Government revenues and will be restricted to custom base located within the zone. In the case of privileged organizations the customer base may be international companies, international agencies, embassies, foreign governments, NGOs, or the Government of Kenya itself.
In a situation where, in the opinion of EPZ Authority, there is an inadequate customer base at a public zone (e.g. Athi River) and where all applicants meet all the conditions for a limited number permits (e.g. canteens), then the business permit will be issued through balloting.

Required Information
Proposed business activity

Particulars of applicant/company
Name of applicant
Address of applicant
Telephone No.
Fax No
Previous business experience
Name of entity which undertake the business activity
Date of registration
Address of registered office

Particulars of directors/sole proprietor/partners
ID no. /passport no.
Residential address

Project details
Main customers base of proposed business
Proposed location/zone
Space required (in sq.m.)

Proposed number of employees
Name of Managing Director/General Manager and qualifications;

Signature of Applicant

Need for the Document
The Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZ) Business Service Permit is issued by the Export Processing Zones Authority for service activities conducted within an EPZ by firms located in the zone, but not requiring or eligible for an EPZ enterprise license.

Information which might help
EPZ Business service means a trade or business conducted in an EPZ by an entity which is not an EPZ enterprise.

The EPZ Business Service Permit is for service activities conducted within an EPZ by firms located in the zone, but not requiring or eligible for an EPZ enterprise license.

Agency: Export processing Zones Authority

Purpose: To offer business services to EPZ companies by no EPZ entities

Contact Office: Export Processing Zones Authority HQS Athi River

Resolution Criteria: establish evidence of ability to offer

External Links
EPZ Business Service Permit

Export Processing Zones Authority

Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development

Export Processing Zones Act CAP 517

Procedures for obtaining an EPZ Business Service Permit

The Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is a State Corporation, under the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development.

The Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is a state corporation established by the Government of Kenya through an Act of Parliament - the Export Processing Zones Act (Cap 517 of the Laws of Kenya) for the promotion and facilitation of export-oriented investment and the development of an enabling environment for such investments. Over the years, the Export Processing Zones Program has registered impressive growth. This growth has enabled the program to achieve its objectives of employment creation, expansion and diversification of exports; increase in productive investment, generation of foreign exchange earnings, technological transfer and creation of linkages with the customs territory.


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