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How to Obtain a Certificate of Acceptance in Kenya

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How to Obtain a Certificate of Acceptance in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Wed Jan 2020 03:36pm
Notification to the Regulatory Authority (Radiation Protection Board) of an intention to posses and use an irradiating device/radioactive materials. The owner makes an application on the prescribed form GKLRP 2.
Evaluation and input by the Regulatory Authority.
Inspection and issuance

Required Documents
Radiation Safety survey and quality assurance tests of the irradiating device or radioactive material.

Office Locations & Contacts
Licensing Body: Radiation Protection Board
Physical Address: Kenyatta National Hospital Grounds near the Police Post
Postal Address: P O Box 19841-00202 KNH Nairobi Kenya
Tel: 020 2714397, 020 2714558
City: Nairobi City County
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 8:00am - 01:00pm 02:00 - 05:00pm
National and Regional Offices

Possess or use irradiating device/radioactive material

Application Fee: Kshs. 100/=
License Fee: No Fee
Note:-A fee of Kshs. 100 is payable for registration once. A fee of Kshs. 300 is chargeable annually for a license to engage in private practice where a fee is charged for services rendered (section 9(2) of the Act).

This certificate is issued once.

Documents to Use
Application form for a registration /License to possess or use Radioactive materials

Form GK LRP 2


Processing Time
Maximum processing time is one day.

Contact Office: Radiation Protection Board

Resolution Criteria: Recommendations of an inspection report by radiation protection officers

Required Information
Name and address of applicant
Name and address of persons responsible for radiation safety at the area of use or installation
Registration or Licence No.
Telephone number
Name and address of Unit /Dept. where radioactive material will be used
Premises Licence / Registration No
List names of individual users
Registration or Licence No.
Radioactive materials
Purpose of which radiation material will be used
Radiation protection general measures
Methods which will be used for disposing of radioactive wastes and estimates of the type and amount of activity involved
Signature of Applicant

Need for the Document
The purpose of the certificate is to certify that a new irradiating device or radioactive material meets the Radiation Standards Protection.

Information which might help
Control and use of radiation sources

Subject to such exemptions as may be prescribed under regulations made under the Radiation Protection Act (Cap 243), no person shall
manufacture or otherwise produce;
possess or use;
sell, dispose of or lease, loan or deal with;
import or cause to be imported; or
export or cause to be exported,
any irradiating device or radioactive material except under and in accordance with a licence issued under this Act.

No person shall sell an irradiating device or radioactive material unless at the time of sale the purchaser produces to the vendor a valid license authorizing him to use that type of irradiating device or radioactive material.

For the purposes of subsection (1), an irradiating device or radioactive material shall be deemed to have been exported when it is placed on a ship, aircraft, train or any other vehicle within Kenya for the purposes of export.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate
License to possess or use of radioactive material of radiation devices.

The holder of a license is responsible for ensuring that exposure to ionizing radiation resulting directly or indirectly from its operation, conditions of storage, transport or disposal is kept as low as reasonably practicable below the prescribed limits.

External Links
Radiation Protection Board

Ministry of Health

Certificate of Acceptance

Radiation Protection Act (Cap 243) - Kenya Law Reports

The Radiation Protection Board is a statutory body established under the Act of parliament, the Radiation Protection Act, Cap 243, Laws of Kenya as the national competent authority with the responsibility for protecting the health and safety of people and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. It regulates the use of ionizing radiation, exportation, importation, distribution and possession of radiation sources. The Board operates under two subsidiary legislations;

The Radiation Protection (standards) Regulations LN. 54/1986
The Radiation Protection (structural requirements and inspection of buildings) Regulations LN. 55/1986

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