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How to Obtain a Customs Agent License in Kenya

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How to Obtain a Customs Agent License in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Wed Jan 2020 04:31pm
New Application

An application for Clearing Agent's License is made and forwarded to the Licensing officer.
Each application is recorded and assigned a reference number.
The application is vetted to ensure all the required supporting documents have been submitted.
Applicants are invited for interview by the Licensing Committee.
Successful applicants recommended for licensing are notified.
The successful applicants are asked to pay the required License fee.
The application is then approved by the Commissioner.
Clearing Agent's License is issued.
NB: Unsuccessful applicants can make an appeal. A hearing is conducted, after which licensing is either recommended or declined.


Application for renewal of the license is made on the prescribed License renewal form and submitted to customs.
The Licensing Officer shall check for compliance with the conditions for renewal and confirm that the company has no outstanding transactions or pending queries.
If the applicant has no pending queries or outstanding transactions, a recommendation is made Commissioner's office for renewal of the license.
License is renewed.
NB. No License shall be renewed if the applicant has any pending queries or outstanding transactions.

Required Documents
Copy of company's registration certificate
Copies of company's memo and articles of association
Copies of IDs, passports of the directors
Recent passport photographs of all the directors duly certified by a notary or commissioner of oaths
Evidence of membership in a recognized clearing and forwarding association
Letter from bankers confirming they maintain an account with them
Copy of PIN certificate for company and each for the directors
Copy of VAT registration certificate for the company
Current tax compliance certificate/registration of returns
Certificates of goods conduct for the company directors
Lease/title deed of the office of the clearing agent
Application fee of USD 10.00

Office Locations & Contacts
Licensing Body: Kenya Revenue Authority
Physical Address: Times Towers, Haile Selassie Avenue
Postal Address: P.0. Box 48240 - 00100, GPO Nairobi Kenya
City: Nairobi City County
Tel: +254-020-310900, 2810000, 315553
Fax: 341342
Email Address:
Operating Hours: 8.00 am-1.00 pm / 2.00 pm to 5.00pm
Directions: View Directions
KRA Contact Addresses

The Commissioner can only license people/companies who are registered, knowledgeable about Customs clearance and have an office with equipment like computers. Licenses will not be issued or renewed if the licensee or applicant has a criminal record, is involved in dishonest activities or any other wrong doing.

Application Fee: $10
License Fee: $400

One Year

Documents to Use
Form C20 - Application for Custom Agents Licence

Form C21 - Customs Agent Licence

Processing Time
Maximum Processing Time: 3 months

Have an established office, the physical location of which shall be indicated in the license application form for customs verification purposes;
Indicate the bankers in the application;
Memorandum and articles of association of the company;
Certificate of registration of the company;
Tax Identification Numbers of the company and the directors;
Copies of identity cards, passports or other forms of identification of the directors and staff proposed to directly handle or sign customs documents; and
Recent passport size photographs of directors and staff duly certified by a Notary Public or a Commissioner for Oaths
Agency: Kenya Revenue Authority
Contact Office: Licensing Office 10th floor

Required Information
Name of applicant
Registered Address
Plot No
Telephone No.
Type of your business (Sole proprietorship/ Partnership/ Limited Company)
Names, Occupations, Nationalities of Directors/Partners, percentage of shares held
State any other businesses currently being run by your partnership/company (State registered name, and address)
New application or Renewal
If renewal, state when first licensed as a Customs Agent
Previous License Number and where issued
Previous experience in the clearance of goods through Customs
Name(s) of previous persons/employee(s)
Names of Bankers
Authorized Capital of the Company
Paid up Capital
Names and the ranks of employees and their citizenship

Need for the Document
Customs agents are persons or companies licensed by the Commissioner of Customs to Act on behalf of the importers and exporters. In some Partner States, it is compulsory to use a Customs agent when clearing goods through Customs.

Customs agents must be licensed by the Commissioner before they can be involved in the clearance of goods through Customs.

Information which might help
Authority to Pay

Successful applicants recommended for licensing are contacted and asked to pay.

The Licensing officer shall contact the applicants to inform them they should collect their letters authorizing payment.

The applicants shall comply with the conditions of the letter and present them to the Licensing Officer.


The Licensing Officer shall check for compliance with any other conditions for renewal and confirm that the company has no outstanding transactions or pending queries.

If the applicant has no pending queries, the Licensing Officer shall make a recommendation to the Commissioner's office for renewal of the license.

If the applicant has a pending query, shall be asked to settle the query before the application is recommended for renewal.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate
Purpose: To act as agents for transacting business relating to declarations of goods

External Links
Customs Agents License

Kenya Revenue Authority

Process of vetting, issuance, renewal and cancellation of Customs Agents License

Procedure for the Licensing of Customs Agents License

A Customs agent is a person who has been appointed by the Commissioner of Customs to transact business relating to Customs on behalf of other people.

An agent, authorized by the owner to act on their behalf in writing, will be responsible for preparing and presenting the declarations to Customs. The agent may also sign any other documents on behalf of his client on request if authorized by the Customs Act. The agent will ensure that all taxes due are paid as required on the consignments he/she handles on behalf of the owner.

The owner of goods being cleared through Customs is responsible for what the authorized agent does during the period he/she is acting on his/her behalf. Both the owner and the agent will be prosecuted for any unlawful acts done by the agent acting on his/her behalf.

An agent should notify the Commissioner that he intends to act on behalf of the various clients who have authorized him to do so.
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