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How to Obtain a Firearm License in Kenya

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How to Obtain a Firearm License in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jan 2020 08:05am

Apply In-Person
Step 1: Make application with the Firearms Bureau

Visit the Kenya Firearms Bureau located at the Nairobi Area Station to make the application for a firearm license. The Chief Licensing Officer will provide you with the prescribed application form for you to complete.

Step 2: Get a clearance with the CID
Visit CID headquarters to have fingerprints taken and obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. This process usually takes a period of two weeks to complete and it costs Ksh 1050.

Step 3: Submit the application form
Submit the duly filed application form to the police station nearest of the residence. Attach the following documents when submitting the application

i. Identity card copy
ii. Certificate of Good Conduct retrieved from the CID
iii. Doctor's certificate that certifies physical and mental fitness

Step 4: Reviewing of Application
The application is then vetted by the District Security Intelligence Committee and County Security Committee before rejection or approval.

Step 5: Clearances by Inspector General (IG) of Police
The list of those vetted and cleared for consideration to be licensed gun holders is then forwarded to the Inspector General of Police, who has the final say to instruct the Chief Licensing Officer to clear the applicant.

Step 6: Issuing of the Firearm certificate/license
Upon clearance by the IG of police the Chef Licensing Officer will issue you with the firearm license.

Required Documents

Identity card
Clean criminal record as shown from a Certificate of Good Conduct retrieved from the CID
Doctor's certificate that certifies physical and mental fitness

Office Locations & Contacts

Directorate of Criminal Investigations

P.O. Box 30036 - 00100 Nairobi

Mazingira Hse, Kiambu Road.

Opp. Forestry Department Headquarters, Karura

Tel +254 020 3343312.

Website: Directorate of Criminal Investigations

Kenya Police Headquarters

Vigilance House, Harambee Avenue,

PO BOX 30083,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone: (020) 341411/6/8

Website: The Kenya Police

National Intelligent Service

P.O. Box 300391 - 00100 Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel +254 020 32225901, 254 20 344248

Website: National Intelligent Service


Processing Time

The processing time is usually one month.

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Be at least 21 years old
Be well trained in handling firearms. A potential gun holder must have training on the use of small arms and in the process. A certificate is then issued to prove that one is capable of owning a gun.
Have a clear criminal record. A potential firearm holder needs to get clearance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations as well as fill a form with the Kenya Firearms Act.
Fit mental record.


Per rifle or shotgun or combination rifle or shotgun Ksh 2,000
Per pistol or revolver Ksh 5,000


The license is valid for one year from the date when it was granted or last renewed


Make an application to a licensing officer for firearms certificates to be licensed gun owners.
Fill application forms obtained from the Chief Licencing officer at the firearms bureau in Nairobi
Obtain a certificate of good conduct then clear from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation where your fingerprints will be recorded and then a certificate of good conduct issued.
Submission of the application form and payment of an application fee(Ksh 2000) to the nearest police station and then further go for vetting by the National Intelligence Service(NIS)
Vetting is then done by the Firearm Licencing Board.
Next, you can be approved for licensing or your application rejected. But once approved, your name will be forwarded to the Inspector General of police who may again approve or reject your application…it’s that hard to get a firearm.
Once approved by the Inspector General, the license can be then issued by the Chief Licencing Officer.
Once approved and licensed, the applicant should pay a fee and renew the license yearly.

Required Information

Name (in full)
Postal address (If address is temporary only, state address to which communications should be sent)
Residential address
Length of period resident at address
Reason for requiring the firearm(s) and ammunition specified
Firearms and ammunition for which certificate required
Number , make , model of firearms
Quantity Calibre and Type of ammunition
Whether a firearm certificate has previously been held, or applied for, by applicant
Date and place of issue of any firearm certificate previously held

Need for the Document

The firearms license allows the licensee to buy, own, possess, or carry a firearm. It is often subject to a number of conditions or restrictions, especially with regard to storage requirements or the completion of a firearms safety course, as well as background checks.

Information which might help

Your application can be disqualified on the basis that
i. You are temperamental
ii. You cannot or may not store the gun safely
iii. You are insane

A license can be revoked if you
i. Misuse your gun while drunk or sober
ii. Removing the serial number of the firearm
iii. Storing it carelessly and risking losing it

In case a gun holder dies the gun cannot be transferred to another person or to the next of kin. It ought to be surrendered to the nearest police station and if a family member is interested in getting it, they ought to go through the process of rigorous vetting to get a license of their own.

The Kenya law limits the types of guns civilians can get. Guns such as Ak47, G3 and MP5 cannot be issued to civilians.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

The requirement to have a firearm license, is usually in addition to a requirement for firearm registration
Any person who purchases, acquires or has in his possession any firearm or ammunition without holding a firearm certificate in force at the time shall be guilty of an offence.

External Links

Firearms Act, 20 Cap 114 : Firearms Act,%20Cap%20114.pdf

National Gun Owners Association : National Gun Owners Association


Firearms Act, 20 Cap 114 : Firearms Act,%20Cap%20114.pdf

National Gun Owners Association : National Gun Owners Association


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