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How to get a Permit (License) to Hunt on a Private Land in Kenya

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How to get a Permit (License) to Hunt on a Private Land in Kenya by Kenyans247(1): Tue Feb 2020 01:02pm
KWS has been working hard to maintain the rich heritage of Kenya by providing hunting access on privately owned lands.Private lands remain an important resource for good hunting locations The department does this by contracting with landowners who have Land or other valuable wildlife habitat in there private land.

The landowner opens the land to unlimited, free public hunting, which is open to foot-traffic only hunting, in exchange for a small payment and immunity from non-negligent liability.

No person may hunt or trap any species of game, including unprotected species, on private land without permission from the owner or lessee. In that area, no person may enter private land to hunt if the land is posted or if told by the owner or lessee not to do so.

(1) No game licence shall authorize hunting on any private land unless it is expressed so to do by endorsement specifying the land concerned, made by a licensing officer, and no such endorsement shall be made unless

(a) the holder of the licence is the owner of the land concerned; or
(b) the person applying for the endorsement, produces to the licensing officer the written consent of the owner of the land thereto; or
(c) the land concerned is registered under subsection (2).
(2) Where the owner of private land desires to afford facilities for the hunting of game animals or game birds on the land, he may register the land, in such manner and on furnishing such particulars as may be prescribed, with the Director or with such officer of the Service as the Director may, by notice in the Gazette, appoint for that purpose, and in any such case.

(a) the registration may be effected in respect of the whole of the land of such owner or of such portion thereof as the owner may specify;
(b) the registration may be made subject to such conditions as to the giving of notice to the owner or his representative of intention to hunt, or as to the types of animals which may be hunted, as the owner may specify, and any endorsement under this section in respect of the land shall include a reference to such conditions;
(c) there shall be paid to the registered owner such fees, whether calculated as a proportion of the fees paid in respect of licences endorsed as valid in respect of the land of the owner or otherwise, as may be prescribed.

Required Documents
Names of all landowners listed on deed.
Location of Property.
Hunters Information details.
Private land Animal hunters must carry the following forms below,

signed and dated form for the current season. This is required of both archery and firearms hunters.
You must have a landowner signature on a dated consent form before you purchase your license and permits, but you must purchase all required licenses and permits before you hunt on the private Land.
Properties must be at least 10 acres in size for rifle or revolver use to be authorized.
Landowners must designate calendar year, seasons, and choice of hunting implements.
Where baiting of deer is permitted, it is strongly recommended that individuals consult with landowners prior to placing bait.

Office Locations & Contacts
Kenya Wildlife Service

P.O. Box 40241 - 00100 Nairobi Kenya

Tel: +254 (20) 6000800,

+254 (20) 6002345

Fax: +254 (20) 6003792

KWS Training Centers
Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute

P.O. Box 842-20117 Naivasha

Tel: +254 (50) 2021329,

+254 (50) 2020267, +254 (50) 2020557

Fax: +254 (50) 2021328

Mobile: + 254 700 000 321

Email: kwsti@kws.go.ke

Flying Services

Kenya Wildlife Services Airwing

Kenya Wildlife Service Wilson Airport

P.O. Box 54582 00200 Nairobi

Tel: +254 (20) 6009451, +254 (20) 6009703

Fax +254 (20) 6009648

Email: airwing@kws.go.ke


Must be owning private land

Valid to 6-12 months

Processing Time
Processing takes 60 working days

It is unlawful to hunt any unposted property without permission of the landowner and is punishable by a fine
All hunters are required to have landowner permission when hunting on private land.

This is because of the following Conditions
1. To respect the rights of the property owner.
2. To be careful in the handling of firearms.
3. Not to damage fences, buildings,or other property.
4. Not to litter the area or dump any rubbish.
5.To obey all hunting laws and regulations of the Division of Wildlife

Required Information
Landowners name and contact information
Lessee name and contact information (if applicable; landowner consent required)
KWSs name, contact info and certification information
Property map showing primary entrance
Property size (acres)
Location description using the Public Land Survey System (if any)
Latitude/longitude (GPS) coordinates for approximate center of property (if any)
Desired hunting dates for hunting (up to 128 days within the starting and ending dates of the zonal season, with one break allowed)
Signed and approved by a KWS,and Landowner

Need for the Document
The future of hunting depends on the ability of hunters to gain access to the land.With more than half of the states landmass in private ownership, the Kenya Wildlife service Department has redoubled its efforts to secure hunter access to Private lands in recent years. Hunting on private land in Kenya is restricted ,Hunters are required to acquire a permit to hunt on private land because it is unlawful to hunt on private property without the permission of the landowner and KWS.

Information which might help
There are a few things to keep in mind that will greatly improve results when attempting to secure hunting access to private land.
Show courtesy to the landowner and make hunting arrangements by calling or visiting at times convenient to the landowner. Whenever possible, plan ahead and secure permission well in advance of the actual hunting date.
Provide complete information about yourself and your hunting companions, including vehicle descriptions and license numbers. Explain what type of hunting you wish to do, and and be sure to ask any questions which can help clarify the conditions of access.
Follow the landowners instructions, and bring with you only the companions for whom you obtained landowner permission. Be sure to thank the landowner after your hunt, and consider sending a subsequent note to show your appreciation for being granted the privilege of hunting on private land.

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