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How to Register a Tertiary institute in Kenya

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How to Register a Tertiary institute in Kenya by Kenyans247(1): Fri Mar 2020 08:47pm
Download and accurately fill all the relevant sections of the application form for full registration of an institution or branch of the institution. The application forms can be found here http://www.scienceandtechnology.go.ke/index.php/downloads-1/cat_view/16-application-forms-for-registration-of-tvet
The institution should obtain approval of the premises for quality and capacity by Public Health Officer from the local authority. A certified copy of this report should be submitted to DTAQA and should not be more than twelve (12) months old from the date of issue, at the time of submission to DTAQA.
Undertake payment of the prerequisite institution registration fee and attach a copy of the receipt in the application documents.
Submit a copy of completed application form and all accompanying application documents in an indexed file to DTAQA(DIRECTORATE OF TECHNICAL ACCREDITATION & QUALITY ASSURANCE).
A written acknowledgement of the receipt of the application documents shall be communicated within three (3) working days from the date of receipt of the application by the Directorate.
An institution that has fulfilled all requirements for full registration shall be scheduled for assessment.
On-site assessment of the institution shall be conducted by a team of not less than three (3) assessors within sixty (60) days from the date of acknowledgement of the application.
Preparation of the assessment report shall be done as per the formats given.
The decision of the Minister/Cabinet Secretary on registration of the institution shall be communicated in writing to the institution

Required Documents
1.Copy of Registration of Business Name or Certificate of Incorporation.

2.Certified copy of a renewable lease agreement of at least 5 years witnessed by advocate who is a commissioner of oath or title deed in the case of owner occupancy.

3.Certified copy of managers ID/passport

4.Certificate of good conduct and passport size photograph of manager

5.A list of courses to be offered, their level and examining bodies

6.Certified copies of C.Vs and certificates for trainers and manager

7.Proof of payment of prerequisite fees (payable at Jogoo House B)

8.Duly filled application forms for registration of the institution (MOHEST/DTAQA/REG/ 2) and approval of manager (MOHEST/DTAQA/REG/3)

9.Certified Copy of Public Health Report not more than twelve (12) months old.

10.List of Directors or Trustees in case of a community or NGO based institution. Attach certified copies of the latest minutes containing the relevant resolution.

Office Locations & Contacts
Ministry of Education

Jogoo House "B", Harambee Avenue

P.O. Box 30040, Nairobi

Tel. 318581

Telegrams: "EDUCATION"

Website: http://statehousekenya.go.ke/government/education.htm


Telephone: 020 -2217210/1/2/4/6/8/9

Email: dtaqa@scienceandtechnology.go.ke

Website: http://softkenya.com/education/technical-accreditation-and-quality-assurance-in-kenya

The institution should have operated for a minimum period of one year after provisionally being registered

The fee charged ranges from Ksh 5000 to Kshs 8000 the additional fees is communicated by the Directorate of Technical Accreditation and Quality Assurance during application.

The license should be renewed annually.

Required Information
1.The name, physical, postal and email addresses of the proposed institution

2.The governance and management structures of the institution

3.Membership of the proposed institution

4.Aims and objectives for which the institution is to be established, the programmes of instruction, and courses of study that are to be offered

5.The number, qualifications and competence of the manager and trainers

6.The layout designs and specifications of the available infrastructure and equipment used in the institution

7.A statement on the suitability, ownership or lease arrangement for premises to be used as evidence of structural soundness of buildings and their capacity in accordance with the Public Health Act

8.A statement of financial ability and fees to be charged

Need for the Document
An institution that is seeking registration shall apply to the Ministry of education by completing application forms in the approved format. *The application should clearly state the programmes the institution wishes to be considered for accreditation.

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