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How to Register Charitable Children Institution in Kenya

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How to Register Charitable Children Institution in Kenya by Kenyans247(1): Sat 14, March, 2020 03:40pm

Anyone intending to open a Charitable Children’s Institution (CCI) must get approval from the Ministry in charge of children’s affairs through the National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) and AAC (Area Advisory Council)

Apply in Person

The first step is to do name a search and reservation. This can be done by visiting the office of the Registrar General or Huduma Centre near you.
Once through, visit The National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS). With the institutions name together with the required documents. (These documents have been mentioned in our required document
You will be given an application form http://www.businesslicense.or.ke/uploads/200909//bd03f11c0d3a18425e947c787fbc9807.pdf at the NCCS offices to fill and submit and a CCIs checklist.
Once you have filled the application form and made sure that everything in the checklist is in place. Submit the application form to the Area Advisory Council (AAC) operating in your area.
The AAC shall acknowledge receipt of application within 30 days after the date of receipt; and shall indicate the date (which shall not be later than thirty days from the date of receipt) when to inspect the premises;
The ACC will then visit the CCI to carry inspections to see if the charitable children’s institution has acquired the set National Standards for best practices
If the institution does not meet the required criteria, they shall be informed as such with appropriate information on which areas require improvement before approval;
If it meets the set criteria, the director of the ACC shall with the approval of the NCCS, recommend to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to issue a Certificate of Registration. This is usually after three months.
The registration is free of charge.

Required Documents

Community Assessment report (feasibility study report) indicating that establishing a CCI is of absolute necessity within the community
The constitution of the intended CCI
Architectural and site plan for the intended CCI
Financial Plan - how the agency intends to fund the CCI and expenditure plan
Audited financial accounts/books of accounts
Evidence of property ownership
Programme Plan - the vision, the mission, how many children to be admitted, programmes to be supported, Project Agreement Documents which indicate agreement with donor(s), if there are any links with other relevant stakeholders and the programmes that the CCI intends to run.
Area Advisory Committee minutes
Area Advisory Committee inspection report
Public health inspection report
Certificate of corporate registration/list of trustees
Children's complaint procedure
Behaviour management policy for children
Certificate of good conduct for all staffs from the police
Curriculum Vitae's for all staffs
Medical certificate for food handlers
Human Resource Policy
A list of potential members of the Board of Trustees
Duly filled application form

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Labour and Social Protection
Bishops Road,
Social Security House
P.O. Box 40326 - 00100,
Nairobi Kenya, Nairobi
Phone: +254 (0) 2729800
Fax: +254 020 2726497
Website: Childrens council http://www.childrenscouncil.go.ke/

Association of Charitable Children Institutions of Kenya
P.O Box 74873-00200 Nairobi.
0735 412 116/ 0725 332 383/ 0732 818 138/ 0732 422 364
E-mail: admin@accikunityorg
Website: ACCIK Website https://www.accikunity.org/


A Charitable Children Institution (CCI) is a home or institution which has been established by a person, corporate or an incorporate, a religious organization or a non-governmental organization seeking to be granted approval by the National Council for Children Services (NCCS) to manage a programme for the care, protection, rehabilitation or control of children.
A charitable childrens institution shall not include -
a rehabilitation school established by the Minister under section 47 of the Childrens Act;
a school within the meaning of the Education Act;
a borstal institution;
any health institution;
a childrens day care centre, nursery or other similar establishment


Application and license fees are free of charge.


3 years (subject to renewal) Depends on the time the AAC takes to inspect and forward recommendation.

Documents to Use

Form of Application for Registration of a Charitable Children’s Institution Application Form http://www.businesslicense.or.ke/uploads/200909//bd03f11c0d3a18425e947c787fbc9807.pdf


CCIs shall apply through the Area Advisory Council (AAC) operating in that area.
Where a person or body of persons wish to operate more than one institution, they shall present separate applications for each institution.
In the case of an unincorporated body of persons: a list of trustees of that body;
In the case of a body corporate or any other body which is by law required to be registered: a certificate of registration;
copy of the proposed mission or policy statement of the institution;
Any registered CCI that want to change mission/vision can notify the AAC through the Sub-County Childrens officer (DCO).

Required Information

Type of organization (NGO, Religious etc.)
Year of inception
Name of institution
Physical address
Postal address
Telephone No
Name of chairman (or person of similar office)
(a). Postal address
(b). Telephone
(c). E-mail
Name of person in charge
(a). Postal address
(b). Telephone No
(c). E-mail
Present capacity (List total number of children)
Intended capacity (List total number of children)

Need for the Document

The registration gives the institution formal recognition and listed by in the government records.
This allows the institution to legally carry out its activities in Kenya.

Information which might help

Individuals, organizations, religious bodies, private sectors and any other agency should not establish a CCI within any community without first carrying out a community–based assessment on the needs of children, and possible existing interventions within families and communities.
The assessment should first explore other family based support options before setting up a CCI. The decision to open a CCI should only be of absolute necessity, appropriate and constructive for the children concerned, and in their best interest.
Anyone intending to open a CCI must get approval from the Ministry in charge of children’s affairs through the National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) and AAC.
The National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) was established under Section 30 (1) of the children Act 2001 as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, to exercise general supervision and control over the planning, financing and co-ordination of child rights activities and to advise the government on all aspects related to children.
It has its smallest units (Area Advisory Councils) in 47 counties, 229 sub counties, divisions and other devolved structures. The overall role of AACs is to co-ordinate and guide children activities in their areas of operation

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

The registration certificate is used when requesting grants from the government and non-governmental organisations.

External Links

National Standards for Best Practices in Charitable Children's InstitutionsBest Practices
Registration of a charitable children's institution: Registration of a charitable children's institution

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Board of Trustees
Members of the Board of Trustees are the owners or proprietors of the CCI. They are the administrating authority. They have direct responsibility for the existence of the CCI. All CCIs will have a Board of Trustees which must be legally registered.
Every trustee member must provide:
A Certificate of Good Conduct
Proof of earnings/ownership of individual assets
A Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a clear explanation of any gaps
Where the administering authority appoints a Board of Trustees that does not include them, clear criteria for selection must be put in place and the members vetted. The Board of Trustees shall meet periodically with a minimum of two times a year.

Management Board
The Management Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the CCI and is answerable to the Board of Trustees.
They must meet regularly (at least quarterly) and maintain records of all meetings in the ‘Minutes of Management Board Meetings’ file.
The Management Board shall include of the following:
Director/ manager/administrator
Donor representative(s)
Representative(s) of the Board of Trustees who is not among the signatories of the trust deed
Legal adviser
Care leaver
Child representative

Closure of a CCI
A CCI shall be closed if:
It is unfit for the care, protection and control of children
Children admitted into the institution are suffering or are likely to suffer harm
The manager of the institution has contravened any of the regulations made under the Children’s Act, 2001 and the Charitable Children’s Institutions Regulations, 2005.
Upon cancellation, the Director of Children’s Services will protect the children by:
Removing them from the CCI
Procuring the closure of the CCI
Instituting disciplinary measures against the manager of the CCI
Taking other actions as may be deemed necessary for the protection of the children.

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