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How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Files in the Mac OS X Finder

Kenyans247 / Science/Technology / Computers / How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Files in the Mac OS X Finder (28 View's)

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How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Files in the Mac OS X Finder by Kenyans247(m): Thu 19, March, 2020 06:12pm
The way Macs do it may seem off to newer users, but OS X does allow both copy/paste, and cut/paste actions for files.

Use the Command Key
There are two ways to copy/paste, first is by selecting the file and using Command+C to copy, then Command+V to paste where you want the copy to be.

Use the Option Key
The second is quicker and less-known—by using the mouse and the Option key. Normally, the default system behavior would just move a file that’s dragged by the mouse (basically, cutting and pasting it), but holding down the Option key will cause it to make a copy of the file, just as though you had used the copy/paste functions in any normal app.
Hold Down Command and Drag
There’s a situation when the default behavior for mouse-dragging is reversed, though. OS X will try to copy files being dragged by mouse between drives, like in a network situation. For those instances, you can hold down the Command key while dragging the file. You’ll notice that the “plus” icon will disappear, meaning it’s not copying, but cutting instead. The file will be moved from the drive it’s on to the new drive, without leaving a copy of itself on both drives. Unfortunately, the keyboard shortcut for cutting (Command+X) just doesn’t work for files.


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