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Top 100 Kenyan Journalists

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Top 100 Kenyan Journalists by Kenyans247(1): Thu 02, April, 2020 04:36pm
Kenyans.co.ke has unveiled the Top 100 Journalists in Kenya in 2019.

Over the last few months, the team undertook the task of ploughing through hundreds of profiles of Kenyan journalists to determine who among them had the biggest impact in the media industry in 2019.

A list that started out with more than 300 journalists, was combed through by an able team which narrowed them down by assessing several qualities.


The first hurdle was to distinguish between media personalities and journalists as many Kenyans consider anyone who works at a media house, a scribe.

The Kenyan media industry has many talented radio, TV presenters and hosts who may not necessarily be journalists.

They include celebrities and comedians who keep their audiences hooked to the programs.

We defined journalism as the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information which was the bare minimum filter to qualify for assessment.

We, therefore, used the said elements to determine the individuals who use these qualities to serve the public's interest.

When the team narrowed down the list, they assessed each one of them based on the quality of interviews, experience, diversity of talents and skills, as well as their ability to set the agenda for the nation.

We also looked at the roles they play in their different organisations such as seniority, oversight and management positions.

In this day and age of real-time borderless publishing and reporting, the team also considered how well journalists are able to leverage digital platforms to break glass ceilings in their careers.

Kenyans.co.ke also considered making honourable mentions to various individuals who made a comeback to media in 2019.

Janet Mbugua, who quit Citizen TV in 2017, returned to the screens mid-June to host Here and Now with Janet Mbugua on NTV.

Anne Kiguta recently made headlines when she announced that she was coming back to the screen, and on Sunday , she hosted Deputy President William Ruto on her debut at K24.

Terryanne Chebet also returned to the media with her new role at Metropol TV, heading the station as the general manager, as well as presenting news.

Also, worth mentioning are some journalist who would definitely have made it to the top 100 list owing to their contribution to the media industry but have already exited media houses for better positions like State House Spokesperson, Kanze Dena, who was a presenter at Citizen TV.

Former NTV business news anchor, Laban Onserio, also moved to the office of the president after he was appointed to the Presidential Delivery Unit, just to name a few.

The industry has also seen a new crop of scribes emerge as the digital revolution continues to manifest in the media. Among them is Kimani Mbugua and Zindzi Kibiku of Citizen TV, Shiksha Arora of K24 TV, Jesse Rogers of KTN News, Mukami Wambora of Citizen TV among others.

Note: Some journalists including Jacque Maribe, Rob N. Jillo and Njoki Chege quit their media houses after we had made this list.

Jeff Koinange - Citizen TV
Yvonne Okwara - Citizen TV
Larry Madowo - BBC
Hussein Mohammed - Citizen TV
Betty Kyallo - K24 TV
Lulu Hassan - Citizen TV
Sophia Wanuna - KTN News
Rashid Abdalla - Citizen TV
Waihiga Mwaura - Citizen TV
Ali Manzu - KTN News
John Kamau - Daily Nation
Mike Okinyi - Citizen TV
Lilian Muli - Citizen TV
Willis Raburu - Citizen TV
Linus Kaikai - Citizen TV
Joe Ageyo - Citizen TV
Victoria Rubadiri - Citizen TV
Mark Masai - NTV
Dennis Okari - NTV
Mashirima Kapombe - Citizen TV
Paul Wafula - Daily Nation
Asha Mwilu - Citizen TV
Alex Chamwada - Chams Media
John Allan Namu - African Uncensored
Saida Swaleh - Citizen TV
Jackson Biko - Business Daily
Nimrod Taabu - Citizen TV
Jane Ngoiri - NTV
Cyrus Ombati - The Standard
Ken Mijungu - NTV
Francis Gachuri - Citizen TV
Anne Kiguta - K24 TV
Mercy Juma - BBC
Beatrice Marshall - CGTN Africa
Stephen Letoo - Citizen TV
Emmanuel Juma - NTV
Smriti Vidyarthi - NTV
Mercy Kandie - BBC
Michael Njenga - Inooro TV
Sam Gituku - Citizen TV
Hassan Mugambi - Citizen TV
Debarl Inea - NTV
Oliver Mathenge - The Star
Trevor Ombija - Citizen TV
Jamila Mohamed - Citizen TV
Watson Karuma - NTV
Sheilah Sendeyo - NTV
Edith Kimani - DW, Germany
Rita Tinina - KTN News
Olive Burrows - NTV
Ali Mtenzi - K24 TV
Hussein Mohamed - KTN News
Njoki Chege - Formerly of Daily Nation
Ben Kitili - KTN News
Bernard Ndong - Citizen TV
Zubeidah Kananu - KTN News
Fred Indimuli - K24 TV
Franklin Wambugu - K24 TV
Jacque Maribe - Formerly of Citizen TV
Hassan Juma - KTN News
Duncan Khaemba - KTN News
John Ngirachu - Formerly of Daily Nation
Sylvia Chebet - BBC
Isabella Kituri - K24 TV
Idris Situma -BBC
Swaleh Mdoe - Citizen TV
Sharon Momanyi - KTN News
Eric Njoka - K24 TV
Mwanaisha Chidzuga -K24 TV
Robin Njogu - Royal Media Services
Edmond Nyabola - NTV
Gladys Gachanja - NTV
Shiundu Alphonce - Africa Check
Emmanuel Igunza - BBC
Zeynab Wandati - NTV
Tony Timase - K24 TV
Kamau wa Kang'ethe - Inooro TV
Enock Sikolia - Citizen TV
Ferdinand Omondi - BBC
Torome Tirike - K24 TV
Sean Cardovillis - NTV
Peninah Karibe - CCTV
Nyambega Gisesa - Daily Nation
Peter Opondo - K24 TV
Rob N Jillo - Formerly of Capital FM
Mutuma Mathiu - NMG
Akisa Wandera - KTN News
Julie Gichuru - Arimis
Purity Mwambia - Citizen TV
Terry Nzau - Mbaitu FM
Linda Ogutu - KTN News
Macharia Gaitho - NMG
Muthoni Mukiri - Inooro TV
Bonny Tunya - BBC
Salim Swaleh - NTV
Susan Kiprono - Classic 105
Paul Nabiswa - KTN News
Michael Gitonga - KTN News
Tony Kwalanda - K24 TV
Walter Menya - Daily Nation
Here are the Top 100 journalists in Kenya.


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