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What do people get wrong about Russians?

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The Pokomo people are a Bantu ethnic group of southeastern Kenya.Reasons people cheat in a relationship.
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What do people get wrong about Russians? by Kenyans247(m): Sat Jul 2019 10:04pm
That we are not polite. I can understand the origin of this - it’s in the language. If in English you have to say “Would you like some tea?” to be polite, in Russian it is enough to say “Want tea?” to be polite becuase the Russian “want” will have an ending that will stress that the person asking is addressing you politely. In this way Russian is very different from English we have endings to show everything, English has more words that Russians find “useless” like articles or the use of “to be” everywhere, or this would/should.

We are unhappy as we never smile. That’s right we don’t smile. We do not smile at people we don’t know as we only smile when we mean it, we despise fake smiles like the once most Americans make on pictures. A fake smile means you are doing something you are unhappy about and are forced to pretend or you are a trickster. A smile helps tell friends or genuine sympathy so should never be faked.

We are agressive and want to rule the world like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. We are a very big country already, we have been a very big country even before the USSR. It is a 9-hours flight from one end of our country till the other, only 8 people live on 1 square kilometer of our land. We lost the most in WWII and would never get involved in a similar undertaking to be even fewer per square kilometer. For comparison purposes - in 1859 Chechnia finally joined the Russian Empire the same people still occupy that land and are a republic in a federation, the Chechen population grew from 172 thousand in 1859 to 1,4 million in 2016; in the same year 1859 in California - the governor issues a decree increasing pay for Native skulp from 25 cents to 5 dollars, “in 1911, Ishi, the last wild California Indian, wandered out of the mountains so he could live a comfortable life in a museum basement…”

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