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Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Tue Jul 2019 07:59am
Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya
ISP in Kenya: Choosing an Internet Service Providers in Kenya can be a daunting and difficult task especially for business owners whose organizations rely heavily on internet (basically 90% of all businesses in the 21st Century). Although cost comparison is essential, it is important to look at other factors that are also critical.

When figuring out what type of internet you need and which provider is right for you, these are the essential questions you should ask yourself.

1. What speed and reliability do you need?
Yes. When it comes to Internet, speed is king. Every business wants and expects fast connection to the internet. Professional-grade Internet service should reach beyond 10 Mbps without issue. It is also important to confirm with your ISP if you are getting Dedicated or Shared Internet. To find out what your connection speed is, use the free online test at Test your speed at least 3 different times to determine the average speed of the connection and confirm whether the ISP is giving you a raw deal. Dedicated Connection means that you are getting all the assigned Bandwidth exclusively (say a full 10Mbps). On the other end, Shared connection implies that your bandwidth is a fraction of the total number of users on that connection. For example, if you are on 20Mbps Shared and there are 5 other clients on the same line, you’re effectively getting a 4Mbps connection.

2. Does the service come with bundled resources?
Although Business Internet may imply Internet only packages, it is important to consider a bundled service as it helps to lower and consolidate the service providers you have to deal with. It is notable that more often than not bundled services come at the same cost or sometimes lower in comparison to an internet only connection. Check if the ISP can offer Phone+Internet+TV…this will afford you considerable savings in the long run

3. Are security issues addressed by the ISP?
No matter how advanced Internet technology becomes, your business faces risks online. Consider top-shelf security essential when deciding on a provider. The best services deliver anti-spam, antivirus , anti-spyware, anti-malware, and even backup service protection in case of a system crash. If you are still creating hard copies of files, or saving them on external hard drives, consider moving to cloud storage for all workplace systems.

4. What level of customer support comes with the service?
Truth be told, your Internet connection may go down occasionally, even if your ISP tries so hard. Sometimes, as Murphy’s Law states, what can go wrong will go wrong. Thus, the importance of prompt and effective customer support from the ISP cannot be overstated. Ask potential Internet service providers about customer support. Strong customer service is worth the added expense. In the event that internet goes down, or another problem arises, your business greatly benefits from guaranteed 24/7 attention from an ISP.

Choosing a provider for business Internet service is more difficult than ever. By looking beyond basic cost comparisons, you’ll find a great provider for your company.

Top 5 Internet Service Providers in Kenya – Internet Providers in Kenya
Category: Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya

Zuku is a brand under the Wananchi Group which provides both tv and internet at affordable prices. It has over 40% of the home internet fiber internet market in Kenya. Speeds range from 1mbps to 50mbps which prices are from Ksh3000 to Ksh10,000, plus all their internet is unlimited.

Internet Service Providers in Kenya
Internet Service Providers in Kenya – Internet Providers in Kenya
Category: Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya

They do not have unlimited internet but they offer bundled offers. They are set to introduce set top boxes that will provide wireless internet through their 4G network plus tv services. They do have fiber to home internet in Nyayo Estate Embakasi for Ksh3000 a month for 5mbps.

Category: Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya

Wifi is set up in the house through wireless router that is portable. Their wifi routers are ZTE-MF60 (Ksh4,000) which connects around 8 users and The Office which connects around 35 users.

Category: Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya

They offer unlimited internet with data cap. You can get a wifi router that is wireless and portable. This will help set up a wifi connection at home. For ksh1,000 a week you get 10gb data cap afterwards you browse at 256kps if you are past the limit. For Ksh3,000 you get unlimited internet with a 30gb data cap for a whole month.

Faiba Internet
Category: Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya

Faiba is a brand under Jamii Telcm. They offer business internet although they also offer home internet services in select locations in Nairobi.

List of Internet Service Providers in Kenya
Internet Service Providers in Kenya – ISP in Kenya – Internet Providers in Kenya Video

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