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Kenyan Gospel Music, Kenyan Artists, Kenyan Gospel Songs and Downloads, Groove Awards

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Kenyan Gospel Music, Kenyan Artists, Kenyan Gospel Songs and Downloads, Groove Awards by Kenyans247(1): Tue Jul 2019 01:12pm
Kenyan Gospel Music
Kenyan Gospel music rules the music industry in Kenya. Kenyan Gospel songs styles range from classical, African rhythms and choirs. Gospel music In Kenya has been modernised with the latest instrumentation. Gospel music plays an integral part in our daily lives, especially when it comes to reaching out to the Youth of this generation. It has the power to influence positive behavior. It also Promotes common goals and objectives geared towards positive growth of the youth.

Gospel Artists in Kenya
Over the years, the gospel industry in Kenya has grown to a great level . It has seen the rise of new and great Gospel artists with each new year and some of the secular artists converting to gospel. Some of the top musicians in this widely-selling genre are Gloria Muliro, Loise Kim, Size 8, Esther Wahome, Mary Atieno, Hellen Akoth, Jemimah Thiong’o and Rufftone.

Others include; Daddy Owen, the Kassangas, Jimmy Gait, Kanjii Mbugua, Juliani and Reuben Kigame.

Kenyan Gospel Music: Top Kenyan Gospel Artists
Kenyan Gospel Artists – Rufftone
Ruff tone whose real names are Roy Smith Mwatia can be said to be the “God father” of Kenyan gospel music. The musician was born 35 years ago in the Western province of Kenya. He specializes in gospel dance hall and raga. Besides being a gospel artist, he is also a music producer and owner of lampstand records.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Esther Wahome
When talking about the gospel industry in Kenya, the name Esther Wahome always comes up. She is one of the most Influential gospel artists who have always featured in the gospel scene. She has also dominated the scene for over two decades. She has also mentored many upcoming musicians in the industry. Other than singing, she also participates in charity events. As a wife and mother of three, she also represented the country in Mrs. World beauty pageant.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen also popularly known as Papa Fololo is the younger sibling of Rufftone. His real name is Owen Mwatia. He came to the limelight few years back, and under the leadership of his big brother “Rufftone” he has dominated the gospel industry for the last few years. He has also managed to win most awards and nominations over the years. The accolades included KORA, Channel O, Groove awards, and other local awards. Daddy Owen is also among the wealthiest musicians in Kenya.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Juliani
Juliani whose real name is Julius Owino started his music career as a secular rap artist with the group Ukoo Fulani. Born and raised in the ghetto, he has managed to cut himself a niche in the gospel industry. As the king of gospel rap, he has also been nominated a couple of times. Currently he is also the goodwill ambassador in charge of promoting youth farming in Kenya.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Ben Githae
Ben Githae is one of the greatest Kenyan artists well known for singing more laid back gospel tunes. Most of his hits are in vernacular specifically in “Kikuyu” dialect. His fame has seen him feature in top musical concerts.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Eko Dyddah
Eko Dyddah is known as the king of gospel swag. He brought a new and unique style that changed the gospel scene. His music mostly targets the youth and is always well received. He is also well known for collaborations with other gospel artist.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro is currently the most popular gospel artist. Although she has been in the music industry for some time, her breakthrough came a few years back. Having grown and sang in church choirs, she is known for coming up with beautiful original tracks as well as renditions. She also works alongside her husband in running “Omba” ministries.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Shiro Wa GP
Shiro wa GP whose real name is Mary Wanjiru is one of the famous and highly loved female gospel artists in Kenya. She came to the public and media attention a few years back even though she has been singing in the church choir most of her life. Unlike many other artists, she mainly sings in her vernacular language which is Kikuyu.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Kambua
Kambua is one of the famous, Kenyan female gospel artist who really made a mark in the gospel scene. The graduate from the prestigious Berkley School of music is known for her refined musical tones as well as her polished vocals. Other than being a gospel artist, she is also a television and radio presenter in some of the local gospel stations. She hosts the Sunday Kubamba show on Citizen TV every sunday.

Kenyan Gospel Artists – Eunice Njeri
Eunice Njeri started her singing career in the church. At a later age, she became the backup singer of Esther Wahome where she was able to hone her singing skills. Her versatility in music enables her perform as a solo artist, as well as collaborating with other musicians.

Size 8
Size 8, born as Linet Masiro Munyali, is is a Kenyan gospel singer, songwriter and actress. Size 8, who was formerly a secular artist, is known for her singles “Shamba Boy” and “Moto”. She confirmed that she was born again in April 2013, by releasing her first and critically acclaimed gospel single “Mateke”. Ever since she has continued to release numerous gospel hits which have been received well by her fans.

Kenyan Gospel Music: Top Kenyan Gospel Music Producers
Top Kenyan gospel music producers are:

Bruce Odhiambo of Johari Clef,
Tedd Josiah,
Clement Rapudo aka Clemo of Calif Records,
Lucas Bikedo of Ogopa Deejays,
Eric Musyoka,
Robert Kamanzi
Maich Black.
Others are Kassangas Studio, Herbal Records and Bably Omar of Tabasamu Records.

Paid and Free Kenyan Gospel Music Downloads
To listen to and listen to and download all the gospel songs in Kenya please click here.

Kenyan Gospel Music Downloads – Skiza Tunes
Skiza Tunes is undoubtedly the most popular download site for Kenyan music. This can be credited to the fact that it is operated by the largest cellular phone network in Kenya “Safaricom ltd”. Due to its large coverage, it is easy and convenient to locate music tracks from Kenyans. You only require 75 cents (0.009 US dollars) to download a tune straight into your phone. The tune will be renewed every day at midnight. Alternatively, you can also download a song for a one-off fee of Kshs 5 ($0.06) .The www.skiza.safaricom.co.ke service also allows a user send a tune to another person. A downloaded track may also be used as a person’s phone ringtone.

Kenyan Gospel Music Downloads – Mdundo.com
Mdundo.com is one of the newest sites offering download service for Kenyan music. “Mdundo” is a Kenyan term meaning musical beat. Since its inception about four months ago, it continues to appeal to many people. It is regarded as being Kenya’s iTunes store and allows users from any part of the world to get the latest Kenyan music as well as older music from its archives. More than 100 top Kenyan artists are signed with www.mdundo.com .This allows the site sell their music as mobile downloads straight to their mobile phones. Payment for the download includes the use of special scratch cards as well as Kenya’s mobile money transfer known as M-pesa. 5 songs go for 100Kenya schillings ($ 1.2 US dollars).

Kenyan Gospel Music Downloads – Kenyavideos.com
Kenyanvideos.com provides a platform where music artists can market their music. It also allows a person download the latest music videos from Kenya as well as other regions. The site gives access to all genres of music which include Taarab, rumba, soukous, Kigoco, afro pop, Kenyan soul, genge, kapuka, and much more. In order to have access to the music videos, a person needs to register online at www.kenyanvideos.com where he will also get the latest information on entertainment news, Top hits, and much more.

Kenyan Gospel Music Downloads – Get Mziki
Get Mziki is fully owned by a company based in San Francisco known as Get Mziki LLC. The company collaborates with one of Kenya’s leading entertainment groups known as Black star Entertainment Ltd. The firm also has presence in other regions of Eastern Africa which include Uganda, and Tanzania. Get Mziki standout from the rest due to their unique marketing concepts that concentrate on building local East Africa music instead of trying to ape western strategies. The close relationship between record labels, producers, DJs, and artists offers high quality musical content. Currently, the most downloaded tracks from www.getmziki.com include “Muthoni’s Nai ni Who, DK Kwenye beat’s Asusu, and Jimmy Gait’s Signature”.

Kenyan Gospel Music Downloads – Kentunes.com
Kentunes.com is one of the most popular download sites for Kenyan music. The online resource has been providing a variety of music for people looking for authentic Kenyan music. This paid for service is regarded as one of the best download site for Kenyan music due to its high security features. All that a person needs to do is register an account which he will use to purchase the music at a minimal fee. A user is also notified of any new releases on a frequent basis. The site also offers special promotions and discount offers to attract users. Genres of music that can be downloaded from their site at www.kenyatunes.com include Afro-fusion, Afro –Jazz, Benga, Folk, Gospel, Genge, Kapuka, Hiphop, Kigoco, Rumba, Urban, Zilizopendwa, Sokous, Mikatiko, and much more.

Many artists as well as listeners are continuing to embrace and appreciate music downloads. Previously, this was not the case due to poor regulation and also lack of sufficient knowledge. However, due to better regulation and public awareness campaigns, users are able to enjoy high quality music and videos, while the artists reap from their effort.

Kenyan Gospel Music: Groove Awards
The Anual Groove Award is the top gospel music ceremony in Kenya. lt started in 2004. It has honoured artistes such as Daddy Owen and Kanjii Mbugua, who revolutionised the gospel music scene.

Groove Awards 2019 Nominees
The nominees for the 14th annual Groove Awards were unveiled at an exclusive red carpet event held at the Kenyan National Theatre on 8th of May under the theme “Better Together”.

The artistes were nominated in 23 categories with surprise new entries into some of the most tightly contested spots.

Scoring the highest number of nods for a second year running is Jabidii, who led with impressive 11 nominations including the most contested ;Artist of the Year category, Collabo of the Year, Song of the Year, Teens Choice Song of the Year (in which he received 2 nominations ), Reggae/Ragga Song of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the year, Collabo of the year and Dance style/song of the Year – a category that saw him receive 3 nominations.

Online voting

Online voting began at 10am, May 8th 2019. SMS voting will be introduced on Wednesday 15th May 2019 to compliment online voting and will run concurrently until midnight 31st May 2019.

This year’s winners will be announced on 1st June 2019 at the Gala Awards ceremony, to be held in Nairobi.

Nominees for the song of the year

2a. Celebrate-Evelyn Wanjiru
2b. Kanyaga Lami-Timeless Noel and Jabidii
2c. Vimbada-Moji Shortbabaa & Jabidii
2d. Zaidi na Zaidi- Eunice Njeri

Nominees for the Artist of the year

1a. Alice Kimanzi
1b.Eunice Njeri
1c. Evelyn Wanjiru
1d. Jabidii
1e. Moji Shortbabaa
1f. Pitson

Nominees for the Male BreakThrough Artist of the Year

12a. Baraka Musiq
12b. Dess
12c. Josay Flamer
12d. Ndume
12e. Revival
12f. Zack Art

Praise & Worrship Song of the Year

5a. Celebrate- Evelyn Wanjiru
5b. Even Here – Rebekah Dawn ft Allan Sucre
5c. Neno Lako – Godwill Babette
5d. Nikuabudu – Alice Kimanzi
5e. Usikiaye Maombi- Kathy Praise
5f. Zaidi na Zaidi – Eunice Njeri

Collabo of the Year

4a.Kanyaga Lami – Timeless Noel and Jabidii
4b. Kurutu – Peter Mbui, Ruff, Dan Mbui &Kabi wa Jesus
4c. Mwaka Wako – Florence Adenyi ft Anastacia
4d. Ni Poa – AmaniG ft Pitson
4e. Vimbada – Moji Shortbabaa & Jabidii

Hypeman/Mc of the year

8a. Hype Belly
8b. Hype Dago
8c. Hype Gad
8d. Hype Helena
8e. Hype Ola
8f. Mc Acts
8g. MC Kibunjah
8h. Mc Neb
8i. Mc Price
8j. Timeless

Diaspora Artist of the Year

15a. Benach
15b. Churchill King
15c. Emmy Kosgei
15d. Naomi Karanja
15e. Proud refugee
15f. Zangi

Music Video of the Year

10a. Mtu wa Maana – Pitson
10b. Mwenye Baraka – Laura Karwirwa
10c. Ni Tembee na Wewe – Size 8
10d. Nifanane Nawe – Wahu
10e. Peke Yangu – Moji Shortbabaa
10f. Satisfy – Joyce Omondi

Raggae/ Ragga Song of the Year

7a. Again(Step on Him) – Garvey Royal
7b. Atatenda – Havoc Musiq
7c. China – Jabidii
7d. God is in Control – Kush Tracey
7e. Nikuone – Dafari
7f. Paripapa – Jfam

Dance Style / Song of the year

9a. Again (Step on Him) – Garvey Royal
9b. Kanyaga Lami – Timeless Noel & Jabidii
9c. Mwayaga – Jabdii
9d. Niko Rieng – Jasay Flamer
9e. Vimbada – Moji Shortbabaa & Jabidii

Coastal Song of the Year

18a. Mwanakondoo – Susan Mwalimu
18b. Nakupenda – Eve Bahati
18c. Neema – Michael Yena
18d. Siku Yako – John Isa
18e. Subira – Cate Njane
18f. U Mwamba Wangu Jesu – Dickson Nyamawi

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