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How to Post FAQs to Your Google Business Profile - Science/Technology - Kenyans247

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How to Post FAQs to Your Google Business Profile by Kenshaz(m): Wed Jul 2019 10:22am
And why you should be doing it!
Table of Contents
How the Google Q&A Section Works
Benefits of Google’s Q&A Feature
What Kinds of Questions are Asked in Google’s Q&A?
How to Leverage Your Business’s Q&A Section to Attract More Customers
The Q&A section of your Google My Business profile is a secret weapon that you should be using to attract more customers. Find out how in this post.

How the Google Q&A Section Works
Google local results have more impact on your business than you realize, and Google Questions and Answers is the perfect tool to raise your ranking. Released in 2017, Google Q&A allows for customers and potential customers to ask and answer questions about your business from the local Knowledge Panel.

Much like PayPal and Yelp, Google Q&A can help you reach your customers more efficiently and improve local SEO by providing easily accessible responses to common questions, and by allowing viewers to vote on the best replies. The questions and responses will be displayed right in Google search results, making it easier for your audience to find the answer they were looking for.

Your potential customers are using this feature, and the faster they get answers, the more likely they are to feel positively about your brand. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Google Questions and Answers section is the opportunity for companies and brands to better connect with their customers.

By directly answering one customer through the local Knowledge Panel, you are also answering an entire potential audience who may have the same questions, and you are also able to get a better insight into their needs and make adjustments accordingly.

Benefits of Google’s Q&A Feature
Much like FAQs on a website, Google Q&A is beneficial to helping potential customers get answers about your business straight from your Google listing. When customers are looking for answers to questions such as your hours of operation, specific offerings, or potential discounts, many will look to the internet for the answers, rather than contacting that business directly. By creating and maintaining a robust Google Q&A section, you will be able to provide answers easily and clearly in a public space. Google Q&A also eliminates time wasted on your end by answering the same questions multiple times to different people and provides a way to make those common questions accessible to everyone.

Google Questions and Answers may seem like just another platform to keep up with, but the value behind building those connections is high. Over 25% of businesses have questions on Google Questions and Answers, but only a fraction of those actually get responded to (source: GatherUp). And while someone may step in and respond to these queries, there’s no guarantee that the customer will get an accurate answer, and as a small business owner, those questions need to be monitored regularly for incorrect responses.

Always feel free to gently correct an inaccurate response in a professional manner so your customer gets the information they needed, or report responses that violate the guidelines or could be perceived as harmful. The best way to receive notifications is by downloading the Google Maps app to your phone and logging in with your Google My Business account. Once you have turned on your alerts, you will receive a push notification each time a new question is asked. Currently, this is the only way to manage your Google Q&A alerts without paying for a service.

What Kinds of Questions are Asked in Google’s Q&A?
Google Q&A can be used for a variety of questions, from the very casual to very specific, but should ideally be applicable to many potential customers. The Q&A section can even be used to answer questions that you know might be relevant to customers and clients as a way of getting ahead of the inquiries. You can ask and answer your own questions as a means of adding an FAQ, such as questions regarding handicap accessibility and parking, daily specials, and general atmosphere. Some questions that may be asked include:

• Is there live music on Saturday nights?
• How much does it cost to park?
• What is the best time of day to stop in?

Google Q&A can be used for a variety of questions your customers may have, so it’s important to stay on top of your Google Knowledge Panel for additional queries that may appear.

How to Leverage Your Business’s Q&A Section to Attract More Customers
Getting in front of your most frequently asked questions and making your answers readily available is a great way to turn more searchers into customers—and also a great way to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Here’s how to identify which questions to ask and answer so that you can supply the information your potential customers are seeking.

Take Note of FAQs
As customers call, email, and ask you questions face to face, take note of the inquiries that come up regularly. These are the questions that you should ask (and answer) in your Google Q&A profile. While this may seem unnecessary, noting your most frequently asked questions and adding them to your Google Q&A strategy will help save you and your customers time. Make sure these questions are actually the ones that are most frequently asked so that the most important questions are the ones being answered first as they get upvoted to the top. You want your profile to look complete and thoroughly filled out.

Keep Responses Clear and Concise
Nobody wants to read a long-winded response without a clear answer. When responding to questions on your Google Q&A profile, make sure your replies get to the point in a relatively abbreviated way, without leaving the customer looking for more or needing to do further research. Your responses should be user-friendly and easy to understand by all potential customers who may read them. Concise and appropriate answers will help to optimize Google Q&A for your business.

Monitor Your Knowledge Panel
Even worse than a Google Q&A Profile without any questions is one without any answers. Always stay on top of your Google Knowledge Panel to prevent missing questions and leaving customers wondering if you will ever respond. Unlike other programs, Google does not currently provide Q&A notifications for new questions that come in. In order to know if there are new questions, you’ll have to manually check. Getting into the practice of checking your questions weekly can also help you stay on top of any spam or abusive comments that you’ll want to report to Google for removal. This may seem tedious or boring, but spending a few minutes a week can make a big difference in optimizing Google Q&A for your business.

Stay Engaged with Your Community
Not only should you be monitoring your own Google Q&A panel, but you should also be paying attention to those of the businesses around you. Review the Questions on the Knowledge Panel of other companies and “thumb up” correct answers and “thumb down” incorrect ones. This will help you to stay engaged with your local community and encourage them to do the same on your Google Q&A Profile.

An outstanding source for understanding the consumer mindset just might reside in a company’s #1 asset—its people. Sales clerks and hostesses already know the top 5 most FAQ off the top of their heads. Posting those questions in the Google Knowledge Panel is a way to easily deliver answers to questions before they’re even asked. Knowing what your customer wants before they do—that’s magical!

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