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M‐PESA AGENT REQUIREMENTS FULL GUIDE by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jul 2019 11:59pm
The following are the requirements for appointment as an authorized M‐PESA agent.
Minimum number of agent outlets
• Prospective agent must be registered as a LIMITED company or equivalent with
at least 3 outlets ready to offer M‐PESA under the company names. The
company MUST have traded for a minimum period of 6 months.
• Proposed outlets shall be audited prior to commencement of business.
Minimum M‐PESA cash investment
An agent will be expected to avail a minimum of Kshs. 100,000 per outlet once
application is approved
Successful agents will be required to deposit this money within one month of signing the
contract, failure to which the contract shall be revoked.
The agent should preferably employ competent staff with minimum of KCSE to handle
the service.
Technical requirements
The agent head office must have the following equipment to ensure that operations
are conducted in a professional manner:
a) 1 Computer and ancillary equipment with memory of at least 512.
b) At least 2 people to handle head office operations on a day to day basis (may not
be on a full time basis).
c) Internet connectivity with connection speeds acceptable to Safaricom.
d) 1 printer for printing downloaded reports.
e) Any other items/equipment necessary to conduct the business like desks chairs,
stationery, pens and a pay point.
f) A dedicated Head office mobile phone number
g) An official E‐mail contact.
h) An ETR Machine.
M-PESA Agent Requirements – October 2013
Page 2 of 4
Premises and their maintenance
An M‐PESA agent must conform to Safaricom branding and merchandising standards.
The minimum branding requirements will be supplied to you on commencement of
Special categories of Agents have been identified who may not have the minimum
number of outlets required but would be beneficial to M‐PESA as Agents. These
Categories are Banks, Forex Bureaus, Hotels, Major Supermarkets, Petrol Stations,
Hospitals, Clinics, Convenience store etc.
a) A minimum of one outlet.
b) Minimum Float balance of Kshs 200,000 in the head office. Organization ready to
avail a minimum of Kshs. 200,000 as capital to run M-PESA Agency business.
The following circumstances shall be considered for appointment of special agents:
a) Remote locations.
c) Unique operations (Hospitals, petrol stations, hotels)
d) A minimum of one outlet.
Applicants MUST present copies of the documents below certified by a Commissioner
for Oaths. The original documents MUST be presented for verification at the time of
handing in the application.
a) Certificate of incorporation
b) Form CR12 or an equivalent form valid for the last 3 months
M-PESA Agent Requirements – October 2013
Page 3 of 4
c) Copies of IDS of Office Administrators and Primary Assistants as indicated in the
application forms
d) Completed agent application forms
a) Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association
b) Copies of VAT and PIN certificate where applicable
c) List of Outlets.
d) Certificate of Incorporation or equivalent – 6 months to current
e) Form CR12 or an equivalent form valid for the last 3 months
f) Copies of IDs of Directors or persons playing an equivalent role
g) Copies of IDS of Office Administrators and Primary Assistants as indicated in the
application form
h) Business permits for each of the outlets
 Valid to current year.
 Bears name of company or director.
i) Police clearance certificate for director’s - current to 6 months or persons in
equivalent role, Office administrators and Primary Assistants (excluding banks).
a) Documents as outlined above for Non‐Safaricom dealers.
b) Financial institutions to provide copy of banking license
Documents as outlined above for Non‐Safaricom dealers/NGO’s/Universities &
Colleges, foundations and SACCOs.
a) By Laws/Charters /Trust deed where applicable
b) PIN Certificate
c) A brief profile of the organization.
M-PESA Agent Requirements – October 2013
Page 4 of 4
d) List of Outlets
e) Certificate of Registration
f) Form r.14 / Annual Returns to the Commission of Co‐operatives( SACCOs)
g) Copies of IDs and Passport photos of Executive Committee members/Directors
h) Copies of IDs of Office Administrators and Primary Assistants as indicated in the
application forms
i) Completed agent application forms
j) Business permits for the Head Office and each of the outlets
k) Police clearance certificate for director’s for Executive Committee members
and Primary Assistants - current to 6 months
l) Introduction letter from the District Co‐operative Officer / Provincial Co‐operative
Officer or Registrar of co‐operatives with the names of the Executive Officer valid
for the last 3 months (SACCOs)
m) Introduction letter from relevant regulatory bodies where applicable.
These shall be communicated from time to time.
Please send mail to mpesaagentadmin@safaricom.co.ke for any clarifications
Processing of the application will take 23 working days from the application receipt
All documents MUST well be bound
Submission of forged/fake documents in support of agency applications is a criminal
offence and Safaricom Reserves the right to reject any application that does not meet
the requirements as above and take such other action as may be necessary in respect

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