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MONEY AND POLITICS IN KABUCHAI BY-ELECTION by Kenyans247(1): Wed 03, February, 2021 01:40pm
Let it not be a surprise that all political aspirants in Kabuchai by-election is not about politics of representations but about money except for few.
Starting with Majimbo Kalasinga who vied in last general election on Jubilee and came distant third was with Hon. Dan Wanyama, Hon. Didimus Barasa and Hon. John Waluke who are now in newly formed UDA Party leaving Hon. Majimbo in Ford Kenya which they believe that the party has no money, the mps can carry in sacks running around. The mps' pretence to campaign for Hon. Kakai, a former KRA commissioner and who had declared to vie as independent candidate in the by-election and would later be convinced to vie on UDA party is because Tangatanga wing of Jubilee Party mps led by Hon. Waluke felt Kakai lwould make a good bet to convince DP Ruto to put his resources in his campaign under the stewardship of the 3 mps and the independent mp for Bumula constituency Hon. Mwambu Mabonga. There's no Kabuchai electorates interests here.
With Hon. Majimbo, he saw it necessary to seek the ticket on Ford Kenya because it's resident/local political party and with or without money all he needed was people he wishes to serve not what he will save from the campaign should he not make it. To him voters are more important than oily campaign and savings after.
Unknown to Hon. Kakai who is trying it for the first time though experienced in school of political matters, he has been used by political brokers in the region and is now being betrayed as political stooge in Kabuchai constituency where people are believing that he is being used to fight Mulembe unity that's in the oving led by Hon. Senator and FK party Moses Wetang'ula and Former VP and ANC party Musalia Mudavadi.
Hon. Gasper Wafumbwa, Hon. Peter Kapanga and former county Secretary in the Lusaka government Hon. Kibiti running on independent was good thought for they believed in themselves; and who never wanted to be associated with political parties did so simply to test the waters. Unfortunately, these are all non permanent residents of Kabuchai and are likely to be inaccessible after elections.
Worst and still fresh in voters' memory is when Hon. Peter Kapanga lost in the FK party primaries in 2017 elections, his supporters dug huge trenches across road from Chekulo and from Mahanga at MCA Rosemary Khisa's residence on Sawa- Mahanga-Chekulo Road making her home inaccessible that because being an paternal aunt, she had failed to mobilize support him enabling the Late Hon. Lusweti to win in the FK party nomination. And since he doesn't live around in the constituency he never bothered about the majority residents that use the road to and from Bukembe through Chebukaka. This is fresh in the electorates and deem him not being a leader.
Just like a telephone farmer, Gasper Wafumbwa is likely to be so should he win the election since he's social media politician from USA where he has a permanent residence and family and spends 90% percent of his life there.
Little can be said about Kibiti who completely failed to display his prudent financial management and political advisory skills while he was county secretary in the first county government.
Hence, chances are that Hon. Majimbo Kalasinga will carry the day on the eve of by-election. The reasons being that he made his choice well to stick with political rules of majority who are believers in Ford Kenya, and in his articulate speeches,he has continued to quote the statement Waluke portrayed him as poor and he has been appealing to his majority poor to rally support and come out in large numbers to vote for him as one of their own true reflection. Secondly, Kabuchai is the cradle land for Ford Kenya and it's principal party leader and loosing this seat reduces Hon. Moses Wetang'ula to mere senator giving the failed coup plotters field to celebrate. This is the last thing that can happen at watch of Hon. Moses Wetang'ula being a shrewd political scholar, excellent lawyer and grassroot mobilizer, posinga great threat to any challenger to Majimbo Kalasinga. Thirdly, since last general elections where Hon. Majimbo performed decimally, he remained on ground campaigning and attending funerals of all kinds from youngest deceased to eldest from one corner to another in Kabuchai constituency. The Bible says better go to home where they're bereaved than where there's celebrations. Majimbo has exploited on this and won many hearts. Here, as rule of every family in society anywhere except in the world of madness that one disowns his/her father for an outsider father however close or assistance the outsider has given. Kabuchai Constituency is FK home and home for the party leader too. Majority people or voters are FK party followers too. This gives Hon. Majimbo an edge against the other competitors.
Hon. Kakai Evans Masinde would be best bet for Kabuchai constituency with his political connections to all politicians regardless of the party but he is likely to come second or even third. First is because of his first declaration on Sulwe that he would vie as independent and later changed to UDA party which is a signal of confusion. Secondly is that his second appearance on media, he again opened war front with Hon. Senator Wetang'ula who's not an aspirant. So senator's likely sympathizers and members of FK party that would vote for him are scared away because they know how Hon. Wetang'ula performed when he was an mp for Sirisia which has been far below what the late mp did. This translates to what type of advisers Hon. Kakai has that do not understand Kabuchai constituency and it's history well. Thirdly, Hon. Kakai didn't cast his political net far and wide enough to incorporate and utilize his age groups and age sets well, former colleagues and friends who are now spectators that would have formed a formidable campaign team even without this political brokers that are likely to fail him.
In fact most of these mps leading Hon. Kakai's campaign are unlikely to be reelected except for Hon. Wanyama who's scandal free and close to his electorates in Webuye West constituency and a master of his political cards. Fourthly, the assumption narrative that there's going to be a hustler wave that dictated the broker mps to convince Hon. Kakai to vie on UDA is failed a narrative at its commencement. There's no hustler wave and it shall not be there since it's already disconstructed. Finally, there's observation of rivalry amongst youthful campaigners who are running the show because their aim is not to promote Hon. Kakai Evans Masinde but to mint money and are likely to be infiltration of opponents in his camp.
Therefore, the excitement that was exhumed when the independent candidate bankrolled by DP Ruto of Msambweni who won by election may be far from realization here in Kabuchai constituency. Bukusus are never easily excited by new things and are not lured because of handouts but solid, visionary and achievable political promises. And they believe political leaders must be articulate with socio-political and economic issues and above all must be an eloquent speaker.
Hence, electorates in Kabuchai constituency have little to gain from campaign money but must aim at getting a true leader and must a neighbor. "Msipojipanga mtapangwa"

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