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Social Media: Freedom At Last As Biggest Online Forum Launches In Kenya - Science/Technology - Kenyans247

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Social Media: Freedom At Last As Biggest Online Forum Launches In Kenya by Saocv(m): Tue May 2019 09:43am
Over the last few years, Silicon Valley has been clamping hard on free speech with censure and suspension of accounts in Kenya.

Facebook, WhatsAPP, Twitter and other social media platform have been very unfair to conservative voices particularly in Africa.

The anti-free speech wagon have been joined by some Government all over the globe.

Government of Kenya has particularly been keen to silence the social media through draconian laws which were it not for some right-thinking judges, who saw through the clampdown on free speech, we would’ve the freedom to speak.

Governments and Silicon Valley tech companies are currently engaging in manipulation, political correctness that doesn’t serve free speech.

Freedom from the choke of Silicon Valley

Other countries such as Tanzania have always defeated the above by having a social media platform that serves the people.

A social media of the people, by the people and for the people, known as Jamii Forums has existed unchallenged by the Silicon Valley behemoths and dictatorship.

What about Kenya?

It is for the above reason that some right-thinking individuals in Kenya deemed it fit to launch a start-up that will give Kenyans the freedom to express themselves without fear of suspension.

Kenyans247, which was launched May 28-2019 is a game-changer.

The social media platform inculcates the needs to speak, express and show-off, it is nothing like you’ve ever seen.

One can share photos, YouTube embedded videos, ask questions, update on what’s happening (with enormous character provision), in short, people have been given the freedom to express themselves.

Join through the below link.



Sande Kennedy Email: info@sandekennedy.com
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