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Likoni Ferry Tragedy:Do Ordinary Kenyans Lives Really Matter?The Likoni Ferry is a boat service across the Kilindini Harbour
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Likoni Bridge | Mombasa GATE BRIDGE PROJECT by Kenyans247(m): Sun Aug 2019 05:21pm

Based on the Report, here are the KEY NUMBERS for this MOMBASA GATE BRIDGE PROJECT:

Cost of product

The MGB is a project of the Government of Kenya implemented by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) with support of the Government of Japan through JICA at an estimated cost of Ksh 82 Billion.

Cost of compensation for land and property displaced

A total of Ksh 8,698,787,780 has been identified under this vote, of which compensation for land is the largest share accounting for 33.5% followed by Structures and CBEs at 29.3 and 26.0% respectively.

Key features

Design width is 24 meters to allow for a 4 lane carriage (Figure 1.2) for motorized transport and a single pedestrian passage. Non-motorized transport has no provision on the bridge.

A bridge across the over 600m wide channel must make provision for vessels to
access and leave the Kilindini Harbour while vehicles pass overhead and then on into Mombasa City roads must therefore be quite high with appropriate slopes at reasonable cost.

Provision for vertical navigation clearance: A clearance of 69m above the highest water level has been provided to allow for the highest draft vessels to enter and leave the Kilindini harbour. Any vessels taller than this calling into the Port in future have the option of docking in the Mbaraki area.

Provision for lateral navigation clearance: Out of the 600 m of span width at the proposed bridge construction site, 300m on the deeper, Likoni side have been identified for use by vessels navigating into and out of the Harbour with a 150m allowance on either side in case of vessels going out of control. There is therefore, a whole 600m clearance in between the 2 bridge piers, the Island side of which will be protected with rubber fenders as an anti-collision measure for small vessels navigating the shallow waters.

Provision for aeronautical clearance: Bridge elevation at the top has been set at 204m asl (2.2) in conformity with the 210m aeronautical capping imposed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

Design specifications for approach roads
Three categories of approach roads are anticipated as follows:-

Two-lane carriage way/viaduct: At Km00 start point, the bridge will take off from Lumumba road as a 2-lane elevated viaduct (Figure 1.4) side roads/ service lanes. The viaduct will proceed till Moi Avenue interchange where it will acquire 2 ramps to serve Moi Avenue. This section has an ROW of 42 meters.

Two lane double carriage roads with ramps: At Moi Avenue, the Viaduct road will receive two ramps to now comprise a 2 lane main line and single lane ramp ways on either side (Figure 1.5). The side lanes will be used to either direct or discharge traffic to and from the main bridge into Archbishop Makarios and Moi Avenue roads in Mombasa. This is the widest section of the Project at 48 meters.

4-lane double carriage roads: Figure 1.6 presents a cross section of a four-lane single carriage road which will be used to connect directly to the bridge on the Likoni side, thereafter proceeding for 4.7 kilometers till the project end at the interchange with the Southern Bypass Road. This main line will be franked by 5m wide service lanes on either side to serve the traverse area requiring a total ROW equivalent to 60 meters.

Interchanges: A total of six interchanges will be used to link the bridge to local roads. All have diverse dimensions and land requirements:

Interchanges on Mombasa Island side:
1) Moi Avenue
2) Liwatoni Interchange
3) Archbishop Makarios interchange at Mnazi Moja road

Interchanges on Likoni side:
1) Mtongwe Rd Interchange
2) A7 Road interchange
3) Ziwani Interchange connecting MGB to the Mombasa Southern Bypass Road.

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