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Getting your Huduma Namba – step by step guide 2 min - Kenyans247 / General - Kenyans247

Kenyans247 / Kenyans247 / General / Huduma Centre / Getting your Huduma Namba – step by step guide 2 min (49 Views)

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Getting your Huduma Namba – step by step guide 2 min by Saocv(m): Wed May 2019 08:29pm
Clerks involved in the Huduma Namba registration process visited Sande Limited offices where they took staff through the exercise.

Here is step by step process on how your information is collected and stored.

Before getting to the registration desk, ensure that you have your National Identification Card with you. You cannot embark on the registration process without it.

You must also ensure that you have the originals of all other documents that you want captured in your registration.

Below is the form you will fill at the registration desk. If you do not have your documents, the various fields will be left blank as the clerks must see evidence that you actually possess them.

STEP 1: Get to the registration centre with your documents. You will fill in a hard copy that contains your bio-data. The hard copies are available for free at the registration stations.

STEP 2: The first officer will check if all the information you have provided is accurate. Once satisfied, they will pass the form on to another officer who will transfer this information to a registration kit that stores captured data locally.

STEP 3: The registration officer will then take a photo of you.

STEP 4: The registration officer then takes images of your documents. At the end of the day, the information is uploaded to the server. The data is then the fed to the Huduma Namba Server and UPI is generated.

STEP 5: They will then take fingerprints and ask you to your right-hand thumbprint in order to finish the registration process.

STEP 6: The clerk prepared and acknowledgement slip for you and gives it to you alongside all your documents. This is the slip that you will use to collect your Huduma Namba card once they are generated.


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