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List Of Dermatologists In Kenya And Their Contacts

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List Of Dermatologists In Kenya And Their Contacts by Saocv(1): Sat Aug 2019 09:12am
Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with structures and functions of skin, nails and hair. A dermatologist is a specialist physician with knowledge of dermatology, its diseases and treatment both medically and surgical. Dermatologists can treat over 3,000 skin conditions; this includes acne, skin cancer psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis and hair disorder.

In Kenya, there are a fairly significant number of dermatologists spread across major towns. In this article, we have listed qualified dermatologists found in Kenya, where they are located and their contact.

Dermatologists in Nairobi
Dr Pranav Pancholi

Location: Avané Clinic, Yaya Center 4th Floor

Contact: 0714 500 500

Dr. Kitili Peninah Nduleve
Location: Nairobi Hospital Office, next to the Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza.
Argwings Kodhek Road.
Contact: 0722404362, 0722526904
Dr. Titus Mbaluka Munyao
Location: Reinsurance Plaza 1st Floor Department of Medicine, University of Nairobi, Nairobi
Contact: 0733718880.
Dr. Eliud Andati Monda
Location: International Skin & Medical Clinic Afya Centre, 1st Floor, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi
Contact: 0722277352
Email: emonda@iconnect.co.ke
Dr. Melanie Miyanji
Location: Aga Khan Univeristy Hospital, Doctors’ Plaza 1st Floor, Nairobi.
Contact: 020-3749858
Dr. Kahindo Maina
Location: Enkei Centre, 3rd Floor Room 302, Ngara
Contact: 0771479910
Email: mkahindo2003@yahoo.com
Dr. Grace CW Maina
Location: Halton Laboratory Services Uchumi House, 9th Floor Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi
Contact: 0722210586
Email: kuistagna@yahoo.com
Dr. JM Maimba
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Suite 5, Upper Hill Medical Centre, Suite 5A, 5th Floor
Contact: 0733820830
Dr. Abda F Khan
Location: 3rd Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands
Contact: 0733570785
Email: kkfayaz@hotmail.com
Dr. E.N Kamuri
Location: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza, Suite No. 23 Nairobi, Suite 105/107 4th Floor.
Contact: 0722955526
Dr. Imalingat Wairimu
Location: Prof. Nelson Awori Centre, 2nd Floor, A1 Ralph Bunche Road, Nairobi.
Contact: 0713168580
Dr. Josiah Gakuru
Location: Scripture Union Building, 2nd Floor Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham.

Contact: 0722874303

Dr. Bansil Saroop Singh
Location: Laser & Aesthetic Centre Upper Hill Medical Centre, 4th Floor suite, 4F Ralph Bunche road, Nairobi.
Contact: 020-2720147
Dr. Owili Dundu
Location: Aga Khan University Hospital, Doctors’ Plaza, 2nd Floor, room 222, 3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi
Contact: 0722527871
Dr. Saroya Shaftique Mohammed
Location: office along Keerok Road, Nairobi.
Contact: 0722698026
Dr. Wanyika Hannah. W
Location: Fortis Suite, 4th Floor, Hospital Road, Next to Kenyatta National Hospital
Email: idesk@skincentre.co.ke
Website: www.skincentre.co.ke
Contact: +254721497444, +254773799886, +254780497444
Dr. waweru Hosea
Location: Upper Hill Medical Centre, 5th Floor R, Ralph Bunche Road, Nairobi.
Contact: 020-340585

Dermatologist in Thika
Dr. Thuo J.K
Location: Jogoo Building, Stadium Road, Thika.
Contact: 067-22440
Dr. I. M. Macharia
Location: Uhuru Street, Thika.
Contact: +254722827156
Email: machariadoc@gmail.com

Dermatologists in Mombasa
Dr. Kotak Lalit
Location: Palm Beach Hospital, along Ukunda Diani road, Diani
Contact: 0724-699101,
Dr. Suresh Jari
Location: Aga Khan University Hospital Doctors Plaza, 2nd Floor , Room 15 Nyerere Road, Mombasa
Contact: 0726-311614, 0733-975478
Email: suresh.jari@yahoo.com

Dr. Pancholi Mahen
Location: First Laser Skin Centre, Pandya Memorial Hospital, Dedan Kimathi Road, Mombasa.
Contact: 041-2221984, 0720600248, 0733 600 248
Email: kma.msa@wananchi.com

Dermatologist in Nyeri
Dr. Mwangi Irungu
Location: Irungu Mwangi & Associates at Caledonian House along Kenyatta way, Nyeri.
Contact: 061-2030235

Dermatologists in Kisumu
Dr. Festus Paul Owino
Contact: +254 72 274 4959
Location: Ground Floor Room 32 Swan Centre, Oginga Odinga Road, Kisumu
Dr. Ochola Charles
Location: Chador skin unit, Chekmula Building in Kisumu
Contact: 020-2023750
Dr. Nicholas Pule
Contact: +254 57 202 4892
Location: 1st Floor Alimran Plaza, Oginga Odinga Road, Kisumu

Dermatologists in Eldoret
Dr. Seth Nyambane Mayaka
Location: Nandi Road, Eldoret West, Eldoret.
Dr. Samson Kiprono
Location: Optimum Skin Care Grand Pri-Eldoret Medical Specialist Centre Nandi Road, Eldoret
Contact: 0722521673
Email: kiprono2@yahoo.com

Dermatologists in Nakuru
Dr. Bedan Kiarie Kariuki
Contact: 072175048, +254 72 956 1826
Location: 1st Floor Inder Singh Building, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru
Email: bkkariuki@yahoo.com

• Dr. Ramadhan Mawenzi
Location: Upendo Dermatology Clinic Shiv Plaza, 1st Floor, room 2, Nakuru
Contact: 0722285305
Email: lemwenzi@yahoo.com

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