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Kartelo Reveals Harassment He Experienced While Working With Ebru TV

Kenyans247 / Entertainment / Theatre/Comedy / Kartelo Reveals Harassment He Experienced While Working With Ebru TV (95 Views)

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Kartelo Reveals Harassment He Experienced While Working With Ebru TV by Kenyans247(m): Mon Aug 2019 08:03pm
Minutes after Comedian Chipukeezy announced to the public the predicaments he encountered with Ebru TV, his co-host Kartello who was the center of the whole trouble came out narrating how difficult it has been working with the said TV station.

While Chipukeezy said that Ebru TV wanted Kartello out of the show citing that the show has become more of a ghetto, Kartell says they started facing harassment since day one.

Here is Kartello’s


So, let me give a short story about me and the man on the background, my mentor, brother, best friend and a father figure in the industry… Tulimeet a few months ago na akaniamini, akanipea job pale Chipukeezy show as his co host(I met Chipukeezy few months ago , he believed in me made me his co host at Chipukeezy show ). He also did everything to just see me succeed…

Tukakuwa mabro, na maarif watrue. Alinishika mkono kunionesha njia. Made me a part of his brand. Ikakuwa sasa it’s not all about him, ni about chipu na kartelo. Long story short my life changed when I met director 001. @chipukeezy God akuzidishie.

Akubariki bro kwa vitu zote umenifanyia. Listening to all my crazy ideas with patience, supporting everything i did, sijui kama naweza pata words enough bro. Anyway after sasa tumeanza Chipukeezy show, I realized we had a common goal.. Empowering youths, so we chose kupatia the voiceless a chance.. We spent most of our nights on the internet na mtaani tukisaka talents that weren’t given a voice. Youths need to be given a chance… vile tu nilipewa all we wanted is to see more and more wakijengeka.

Image Courtesy Kartello and Chipukeezy

But kulikuwa na ngori, our station walianza maneno Mara oooh show imeanza kuwa na ughetto, Mara oooh kartelo ata atolewe hiyo show ati wazazi hawashiki lugha yake. Walianza kunivuruga since day one. Nikaambiwa we shut down all upcomings na gengetone tulete Wasee wako na ‘value’ .. Chipukeezy thanks again ulisimama na Mimi na the rest of the other talented youths na Kimacho Ngumu tukafanya show.. Fristrations zilikuwa mob, ikafika pale adi watchi anaambiwa tukiingia uko tuvurugwe.

Image Courtesy Chipukeezy, Kartello

Every Monday kwa gate akukukosa Vurugu. Our audience were treated badly.. Our guests pia. Nakumbuka mdosi wangu apo alikuwa anachachisha hadi anatoa veins za kichwa 😂😂For the first time ndio Nilianza kunotice btw vijana joh Tuko underated. Si huonekana kama sijui nini. Content tu zetu tunavurugwa ni za uduu. Mdosi wangu apa wamemvuruga sana ju anakuwa involved na mavijana. Juzi tu walituma email. Bila tu reason wakadai kartelo asiwai onekana Chipukeezy show ama karibu na hio station… Chipukeezy after tumechapiana for the last few days, akadaisha tu Show itabidi imengolewa.. Anyway the show will continue on another platform tuzidishe Rieng. Mayutman tutaconquer ✊

Fans felt that Ebru TV management has been unfair to Chipukeezy and his co-host Kartello and to the young people who have been benefiting from the platform.


Hiyo ni ufala any IFB😅


I felt everything. But God is always there


Aluta continua my broda🙏🏾🙏🏾


Tupeleke na rieng😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀💯

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