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Reasons why we need to stop applying petroleum jelly on our skin - Entertainment - Kenyans247

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Reasons why we need to stop applying petroleum jelly on our skin by Kenyans247(m): Mon Aug 2019 09:14pm
Using petroleum jelly cab bw doingmore harm than good especially when it comes to your face.We all have diffrent types of skin types and some of us live by petroleum jelly like it but those who have need to know this about its use because it may be the root cause of some of your skin problems.

Here are some of the reason why petroleum jelly is bad.

1.It can cause yeast infections

Though its amazing in keeping your skin moustirized by preventing water loss, this same effect Can create a conductive warm&moist environment for yeast to thrive.

2.Prevent elimination of toxins

One way through which your body gets rid of toxins is through your skin.

3.it clogs your pores

Though it may not be certain with everyone , your skinmay be unable to breathe due to layer created by the jelly which can lead to dirt &oil being trapped.

4.It is difficult to wash off

If it builts up it can cuse skin irritation and due to this it seals in the dirt gross

*We suggest using more natural products like coconut oil in place of petroleum jelly products.

By faith

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