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But who is to blame for corruption in our nation.Why A Man Should Never Chase A Woman.Dare to be your own person because it's never too late to begin.10 things a man should do to show he appreciates her woman.List Of Scams Every Kenyan Should Beware Of
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Why A Man Should Never Chase A Woman. by Kenyans247(m): Wed Sep 2019 08:11am
For the benefit of this piece it is important i define what chase in this context mean.. "To chase simply means making repetitive attempt to win the desire of a lady who does not want you"
A man should show a desire for a lady and not desperation but when you begin to chase a lady then you have crossed the line and if she eventually says YES, it will probably be because she has run out of time waiting for her preferred type of man or she just feels worn out by the pressure you mounted on her and will rarely be because she really wants to be with you..and the worst part is that you will end up being the one who will be making more sacrifices towards making the relationship work since you made it look like you desperately won her like a trophy or medal you have to keep fighting to keep.

For every lady you chase, it is most likely that there is a man out there that she is craving for so why ridicule yourself?...It is interesting to know that Nine out of every Ten single ladies already have a mind made guy they would love to be with?...simply put, almost every lady has a spec and if you don't meet up to the spec there is absolutely nothing you can do than to move on to another lady who may likely have you as her kind of man.

Some ladies have crazy desires and turn-ons like beards, 6pack, height, skin color, Age, Tribe, P*nis size and several other weird and funny preferences that attract them to a man and if you don't have their desired qualities just forget wasting your time chasing them.

The best bet is to approach a lady in a mature way, tell her about your desire for her and be very sensitive to her body language.. if she wants you then go for her but if she rejects you simply tell her to be your friend with hope that she changes her mind and MOVE ON...

And no matter how you look or how your condition is, you must understand that there is a lady out there who is hoping to meet a guy just like you so stop wasting your time chasing a lady who does not want your type.

I hope this makes sense.

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