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Eat Clean, Live Lean, Train Mean
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Eat Clean, Live Lean, Train Mean by Kenyans247(m): Wed Nov 2019 02:05pm
The Principle to understand, that I learned the hard way

-Your body’s health is BIODYNAMIC, its constantly changing based upon your lifestyle. If it changes “down” and gets worse because of you live, then your health starts DECIDING your lifestyle.

The idea that your health and lifestyle and diet are NOT interconnected is categorically wrong. Not only are they connected, you could consider them EQUAL manifestations of each other.

-If you are tired, overworked, underslept, and eat poorly, then so too will your body be fat storing, impaired in its hormonal production, and energetically fatigued.

You cannot compartmentalize them at all. Your ability to THINK is hormonally driven, which is dietary dependent (your diet is where the raw materials for hormone production come from), which is lifestyle dependent (your bad eating habits ARE affecting you).

Fundamental Principle of Health
-EVERYTHING is connected with your health. ALL OF IT. There is nothing you can separate and say “it doesnt matter”. No, it all matters.

If you want to optimize your health, your mental health, your physical health, you must approach it with the contextual perspective that everything is linked together.

If that makes sense, then optimizing your health, it becomes a situation of

-approaching health on a systemic, foundational level, which means improving your biochemistry, your genetic health, and your longevity (all of which you CAN affect directly and change)

-Understanding that anything you do, diet, exercise, more sleep, environment, stress management, its being done because it promotes positive change in your biochemistry and metabolism

-realizing that doing things “just to do them” is a waste of time. All of your life has purpose to it. Taking control of of your health is the master metaphor for this.

Broken down even further, this all comes out into THREE Principles that you can live by, and that I live by personally.

Eat Clean
Live Lean
Train Mean
These are what I call Praxioms, pragmatic axioms. You live them out by doing them

-Eat Clean

Physically speaking, I consume a healthy diet of whole protein sources; beef, chicken, and fish primarily. I eat so that I have great energy all the time. I eat in such a way that I believe my long term health is as guaranteed as such things can possibly be. Sugar, processed, foods, fake fats, I keep these zero to minimum in my diet.

Beyond diet, I am very very judicious what I “consume” in all other aspects. I don’t put up with bullshit, I do not spend time with people I don’t like, I don’t go places that I don’t enjoy. I don’t consume “outrage” media and get pissed over nothing. I keep my consumption as “clean” as possible on all levels

-Live Lean

By living lean, I “cut the fat” from my life, both literally and metaphorically. I don’t want excess fat on my body the same way I don’t want wasted time and energy in my life on things i don’t enjoy, people I don’t like, and relationships that don’t serve me. I favor movement and efficient usage of time. I focus on what is energizing, and avoid what is not. This means I also maximize my sleep, and my recovery, and I avoid things that cost me energy and sleep and negatively affect my performance in any way shape or form. This way of being is always a refinement process, but if you adopt the “Live Lean” approach, what serves you and what does not serve you becomes very clear.

Train Mean

-In the gym, I train with clear intent and purpose.I train to be strong, muscular, and lean, all the time, every day, 365 days a year. My training is driven by progression always.

I view all of life as ‘training” in some fashion or another. I maximize my experiences the same way I maximize the effects of my training. I remind myself to be grateful and do things with my full spirit and focus. Even my aimlessness and wandering has intent to it. I don’t waste days where nothing was done. Something is always being done.

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