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What is the list of popular (or moderately popular)unhealthy food eaten in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Sat Jun 2019 01:20pm
I don’t know how to answer this but there is a huge junk of unhealthy food In Nairobi and Nakuru county. A times you don’t trust meat and yogurt. Some arrests have been made on this.

Most of the imported consumable are not likely to be safe for consumption. These will involve sugar that we have seen in the media with contents of metallic contaminants like mercury and copper, GMO maize that contains aflotoxin conservative, this chemical is directly linked to hepatocellular carcinoma, processed short lived food like peanut butter we have in media with same contents of aflotoxin.

Apparently, Kenya is importing fish from China, this has been tested and proved to contain mercury as well. However, locally produced fish is safe. No one give you information about the source of fish but all sellers will go Chines fish which is cheap but will tell you that it comes from lake Victoria. I only eat fish while at L. Naivasha.

There is a report that I was reading from the media two years ago, that the farmers are buying the commercial feeds for their animals, the meat and milk have tested positive for the aflotoxin as well in Nairobi.

Most of the greens in Nairobi are not safe more so those planted in the Nairobi Estates, unfortunately, these greens appear so healthy that someone just falls for them. I have witnessed one day in Syokimau someone irrigating his kales with water from the river that is conspicuously consistent of sewage water.

I do work in the hospital set-up and this explains why cancer is becoming rampant in Nairobi.

I will give my example of how I survive in Nairobi. I get a lot of cereals planted from western at our home. When I want chicken, I can as well get the indigenous from home, they are cheap there at the upcountry and the shuttles deliver them to Nairobi at their offices at a reasonably cheap price.

It is so unfortunate that we don’t have a system to curb and control where food is planted in Kenya. This involves our legislation.

One of our current member of parliament confessed that it only him who has revealed his cancer status to the public, but he insists that there are so many legislatures who have the same condition but they have not done the same way. I thought he was consoling himself until I read that one of the MPs has stage IV of cancer in the news.

However, the Kenyan system is hard to be changed. We wait on the Lord.


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