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What's The Most Outrageous Demand A Girl Has Ever Made From You On A First Date? - Kenyans247 / General - Kenyans247

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What's The Most Outrageous Demand A Girl Has Ever Made From You On A First Date? by Saocv(m): Sat Jun 2019 02:04pm
So today a friend of mine was having a wedding.
Not really a fan of things like that but had to go for the sake of going and I was bored tbh.

So I got there and sat on a table with the rest of the guys gisting and sipping some henny...
Then I met this girl who was a mutual friend with one of my guys.

So they went to dance but I really wasn't in the mood for any buga tbh and I sat on the table in peace sipping my drink and surfing Nairaland lol.

Later she came to join me and asked if/why I wasn't dancing.
Mumbled some gibberish to her so she could let me be but she stayed undecided

Well we got talking and seem she was smart and all..
So party ended and I was even bored sef and made straight for the door.
She came again angry what the hell?
Small talk again till the rest of the guys came out to meet us.

Niggas were already giving me the bad guy look and I just decided to play along...
We gisted again loudly(you know guys na) and laughed hard and did some zanku legwork dance and were fooling around basically cheesy I really danced today oo.
So we round up and it was time to head home.
Ah Ah?she came to ride with me and all.. undecided
Anyways,I decided to be a gentleman to at least drop her off...

On our way back, was tuned to 96.5fm ph and rema dumebi came on and trust mark levinson surround sound in a Lexus.sounded like a club in there and I was tipsy and singing at the top of my cracked
She was moody and all so I decided to ask what was her problem?
After all the back and forth and me acting like I care(chyking things cos fùck dey hungry me) she started yapping some ish to me.
She said there is a tour coming up and she wants to go undecided
Where?Dubai.... grin grin grin

Me; ok great there is no such thing as good as travelling.
She; but I am broke
Me; ehen?
She; some mumbo jumbo and she later said was wondering if we could go together undecided
Me; on whose expense?
She; you of course! and I'm serious
Me; ok
She; some small talk again and she dropped another one how she needs to go shopping and all
Me; alright! I'll be busy this weekend so can we go upper Saturday? (was just trying to end the whole damn thing so I go my way and forget the chewing stick legged entitled prick)
She; is that not what y'all say?
Me; seems you've been with many guys to be able to know this
She; no,friends say stuff and I see guys undecided
Well,las las I agree to shop for her upper weekend and all and acted like I was serious about the trip with her.
She say I should shop for her first then we can proceed with the trip undecided

Say this one will prove how serious I was with the trip.
So I went to one interior part of PHC to drop her off and almost damaged my sump in the process undecided

We said our goodbyes and I delete her damn number from my phone.

So guys, have you ever had these outrageous demands and what was yours like?

This should be interesting grin grin grin

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