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Air Tractor AT-802

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How To Register Of Air Transport Training Institution In Kenya Air Tractor At-802 Air Transat (ts) How To Obtain Air Traffic Controllers Licence In Kenya
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Air Tractor AT-802 by Kenyans247(1): Wed Dec 2019 09:23am
The Air Tractor AT-802 is an agricultural aircraft that may also be adapted into fire-fighting or armed versions. It first flew in the United States in October 1990 and is manufactured by Air Tractor Inc. The AT-802 carries a chemical hopper between the engine firewall and the cockpit. In the U.S., it is considered a Type III SEAT, or Single Engine Air Tanker

In its standard configuration, the aircraft utilizes conventional landing gear (two main wheels and a tail wheel). However, a number of aircraft have been converted to the Fire Boss aerial firefighting configuration, which utilizes Wipaire 10000 amphibious floats, so that it can land on a traditional runway or on water. The Fire Boss can scoop water from a lake or river for use on a fire. In addition to the 820 US gallons (3,100 L)[4] standard fuselage-mounted retardant tank, the Fire Boss can have optional 35 US gallons (130 L) foam tanks in the floats.[5] Operations with floats installed have been shown to produce a shorter and narrower retardant drop pattern than wheeled AT-802s.[6]
Armed version
AT-802U prototype at Paris Air Show

In response to the United States Air Force's LAAR program and the growing requirement for light counter-insurgency aircraft,[7] Air Tractor developed an armed model, the AT-802U, in 2008, with engine and cockpit armor, a bulletproof windscreen, self-sealing fuel tanks, and structural reinforcements for the carriage of 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg) of payload. A reinforced wing spar was certified for 12,000 hours of flight time,[8] and the AT-802U was displayed in 2009 at the Paris Air Show.[9]

The AT-802 has also been used in counter-drug operations in the USSOUTHCOM AOR by the U.S. Department of State as a delivery vehicle for herbicides and defoliants over narcotics production facilities.

Ten AT-802i were converted by IOMAX USA into an armed configuration with Roketsan Cirit 2.75" rockets and guided bombs [10] for the UAE Air Force. The UAE operated them until November 2015[10] when they were replaced by the first three of 24 Archangels on order from Iomax.[11] The Archangel is based on a similar cropduster airframe, that of the Thrush Model 660,[12] however to create the Archangel the basic Model 660 undergoes a much more extensive rebuild in the course of its militarization. Six of the UAE AT-802i were transferred to the Jordanian Air Force.[13] with a further three being transferred to the Yemeni Government Forces where they have been used in the 2015 Yemeni Civil War.[10] Reports place Emirati aircraft in Libya flown by contract pilots.[14]

In January 2017, the US State Department approved a deal for twelve AT-802 aircraft for the Kenya Defence Forces,[15] although as of June 2017 a contract for the proposed sale had not been signed.[16]
The AT-802L Longsword at Paris Air Show 2017

AT-802 - two seat (tandem) cockpit
AT-802A - single-seat cockpit
AT-802U - two seat (tandem) armored military version, modified with sensors and reinforced for weapons carriage[17]
AT-802F or AT-802AF - An aerial firefighting model 802 equipped with the Air Tractor Computerized Firegate[18] designed/developed/serviced by Trotter Controls Inc.[19]

A Fire Boss on floats dropping its load

Fire Boss - AT-802F equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats for operations from land or water
AT-802L Longsword - An ISR and light-attack aircraft based on AT-802U, which developed by L3 Platform Integration collaboration with Air Tractor.[20] L3 rebranded it as OA-8 Longsword for Asia-Pacific region.[21]


The aircraft is popular with aerial application operators.
Military and government
Montenegrin police AT-802A Fire Boss
Israeli AT-802F in a firefighting drill


Córdoba Province - Fire-fighting


Military Firefighters of Distrito Federal
Military Firefighters of Mato Grosso

Burkina Faso

Military of Burkina Faso 1 AT-802[22]


Forest Protection Limited (FPL)

Air Spray
Buffalo Airways
Conair Group
Government of Northwest Territories[23]


National Forestry Corporation - 3 AT-802F [24]


National Police of Colombia - 9 AT-802 [25]
National System of Disaster and Risk Management - 2 AT-802 [26]


Croatian Air Force - 5 AT-802A Fire Boss + 1 AT-802F as of November 2014[27][28]


Egyptian Air Force - 12 AT-802U (acquired from the UAE in 2016, first spotted in service in January 2018)[29][30][31]


Military of Gambia[32]


Israeli Air Force - 14 AT-802F, purchased second-hand from Spain (of which 2 formerly were Fire Boss, but exchanged for standard configuration aircraft)[33][34] 1 crashed due to mechanical malfunction.[35]


Protezione Civile - 10 AT-802A Fire Boss


Royal Jordanian Air Force - 6 IOMAX AT-802i Block 1 being upgraded to armed Block 2 standard, of which 1 upgraded aircraft delivered as of January 2018[36][37] and 4 AT-802s supplied by L-3 Corporation and originally intended for Yemen.[38]


Police of Montenegro - 1 AT-802 + 3 AT-802A[39]

North Macedonia

Protection and Rescue Directorate of Macedonia - 3 AT-802A Fire Boss[39]


Portuguese Interior Ministry[40]


Ministry of Environment (CEGISA) - 3 AT-802A[41]
Avialsa T35 - 15 AT-802 + 14 AT-802F [42]


Yemeni Air Force[43]


PT Pertamina[44]

United States

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources contractor out 2 AT-802F from Aero Spray of Appleton, Minnesota

Potential operators


Kenya Defence Forces — Received US authorization to purchase 12 AT-802Ls in 2017, however missed two deadlines to enter into agreement as of February 2018.[45][46][47][48][49]

Former operators


United Arab Emirates Air Force - 24 IOMAX AT-802i BPA[50]

Specifications (AT-802)
Three Croatian AT-802F Fire Bosses

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 2003–2004[51]

General characteristics

Crew: Two
Capacity: 820 US Gal (3,104 L) of chemicals
Length: 35 ft 11 in (10.95 m)
Wingspan: 59 ft 3 in (18.06 m)
Height: 12 ft 9 in (3.89 m)
Wing area: 401.0 ft2 (37.25 m2)
Aspect ratio: 8.8:1
Empty weight: 6,505 lb (2,951 kg)
Gross weight: 16,000 lb (7,257 kg)
Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67AG turboprop, 1,350 hp (1,007 kW)


Cruise speed: 221 mph (356 km/h)
Range: 800 miles (1,289 km)
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft (7,620 m)
Rate of climb: 850 ft/min (4.3 m/s)

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