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What's it like living in a remote village in Kenya? by Kenyans247(m): Mon Jul 2019 07:53am
I'll split it into two, the pros and the cons of living in the remote areas, then you'll be able to get a rough image of the lifestyle.

1. Food is extremely cheap, you sometimes don't even have to pay for it, just ask nicely - but this is a variable, since some remote areas like the north and the north-eastern areas have very little arable land, still, animal products are cheaply available.
2. Plenty of space, people own huge pieces of lands so neighbors are not as close. You won't feel the neighbors are being nosy unless they really are.
3. A lot of friendly people, everyone you meet on the roads or the shopping centres will say hii, if you are a talkative person, it's really easy to start conversation, you might even end up being invited for a cup of tea out of nowhere.
4. There is good security, cases of people getting mugged or robbed are really rare because everybody knows each other, incase you find yourself in such a situation, just scream and you'll get instant help.
5. Services are basically cheap, if you are renting a home/house, farm land/playing field, hiring casual workers etc.

1. Bad roads, nobody bothers to make quality roads so be prepared for mud and stagnant water on roads during the rainy season. Some roads become totally unusable.
2. Some products are not available on demand, other items cannot be found in the local shops and kiosks, you'll have to travel to town yourself or place and order.
3. People are too conservative, things that appear normal elsewhere are prone to raise a lot of eyebrows, probably everyone's, like males having dreds, body piercings, visible tatoos and other general things like Public display of affection, blasting loud music and clothings that show too much skin.
4. Unreliable internet services, you don't get WiFi service in the remote areas and the network coverage is bad, they have however been improving recently.
5. Local languages are widely used, you might feel left out in plenty of things because the locals speak their mother tongue everywhere, if you are non-kenyan you might need to learn Swahili, English won't come in handy in extremely remote areas.
6. Slow response by service providers, if your pipes burst or you have an electricity situation, you are likely to wait longer that you would have in an urban area before you get help, and I am talking about upto weeks.

Of course there are plenty of things that I have failed to point out, those are however what you are most likely to encounter once you move in.

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