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List of people from Mississauga

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List of people from Mississauga by Kenyans247(1): Sun Jan 2020 12:29pm
This is a list of people from Mississauga, Ontario. The list includes people from Toronto Township, the Village and Town of Port Credit, and the Village and Town of Streetsville, predecessors of the modern community.


James Cox Aikins

Bianca Andreescu

Adrian Anantawan

Natalie Appleton

Tariq Abdelhaleem (b. 1948), Egyptian Islamist cleric
Ibrahim Aboud, terror suspect, charges dropped
Carolyn Abraham, freelance journalist and author, finalist for the 2002 Governor General's Awards
Eve Adams, politician
Jeff Adams (b. 1970), business person, former Paralympic and Olympic competitor
Anthony Patrick Cawthra Adamson, heritage planning
Vik Adhopia, CBC Radio reporter
Natey Adjei (b. 1989), CFL football player
James Cox Aikins (1823–1904), federal politician, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
Kate Aitken, broadcaster and homemaking expert
Omar Alghabra, federal politician
Elyse Allan, C.M., M.B.A., LL.D. (Hon.), President and CEO of GE Canada, champion of scientific literacy, particularly among girls
Bobby Allen (b. 1969), retired basketball player
Charles Allen (b. 1977), athlete
Justin Alliman (b. 1988), basketball development coordinator
Stella Ambler, federal politician
Greg Anaka, C.M., minor hockey organizer
Deepak Anand, MPP Mississauga-Malton
Adrian Anantawan, violinist
Anders (c. 1995 or 1996), R&B singer and songwriter
Bianca Andreescu (b. 2000), tennis player, 2019 US Open winner, first male or female player representing Canada to win a Grand Slam singles title
Natalie Appleton, singer, actress
Larry Attard (b. 1951), horse trainer, retired Hall of Fame Champion jockey
Antwi Atuahene (b. 1984), NBLC basketball player
Anthony Aquino, ice hockey player
Luciano Aquino (b. 1985), hockey player, Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
Cathy Auld (b. 1971), curler, skips at Mississaugua Golf & Country Club
Mona Awad, novelist, short story writer

Johnny Bower, ice hockey goalie

Lillian Beynon Thomas, journalist, feminist

Alysha Brilla, musician

Kadeisha Buchanan, soccer player

Kelly Babstock (b. 1992), NCAA and NWHL ice hockey player
Devon Bailey, Canadian football player
Marika Bakewell (b. 1985), curler
Alyssa Baldin (b. 1990), ice hockey player and inline hockey player
Al Balding, golfer
Robert W. Ball, yacht designer
Jill Barber, singer-songwriter
Matthew Barber, singer-songwriter
RJ Barrett (b. 2000), basketball player
Danuta Bartoszek (b. 1961), former Olympic marathon runner
Evert Bastet (b. 1950), sailing
Matt Beca (b. 1986), EIHL ice hockey player
Marko Bedenikovic (b. 1984), former soccer player
Adriano Belli (b. 1977), food processing businessperson, former CFL and NFL football player
Sophie Bennett, actress (Saddle Club seasons 1 & 2)
Francis Marion Beynon (1884-1951), journalist, feminist, pacifist
Lillian Beynon Thomas (1884-1961), journalist, feminist
Jack Bickell (1884-1951), businessman, philanthropist, and sports team owner
Don Biederman, stock car racer
Don Biggs (b. 1965), retired ice hockey player
Leading Seaman Robert Binder MB (1989-2010), Canadian Forces Naval Reserve, posthumously awarded the Medal of Bravery
Art Binkowski (b. 1975), super heavyweight boxer
Courtney Birchard, Canadian national ice hockey player[1]
David Blackwood, printmaker, artist in residence at the University of Toronto's Erindale College (1969-1975)
Fito Blanko, Panamanian-Canadian singer/songwriter
Michelle Bonello (b. 1985), ice hockey player and inline hockey player
Robert Boskovic (b. 1998), USL soccer player
Jaime Bourbonnais (b. 1998), ice hockey player
Johnny Bower, Hockey Hall of Fame goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs
Cory Boyd, CFL football player[2]
Brad Boyes, NHL player[3]
Harold M. Brathwaite, O Ont., education
Juwan Brescacin (b. 1993), CFL football player
Brandon Bridge (b. 1992), CFL football player
William Briggs (1836-1922), Methodist minister and publisher
Alysha Brilla, Tanzanian-Canadian blues and jazz singer
David Broll (b. 1993), ECHL ice hockey player
Dillon Brooks (b. 1996), NBA basketball player
Jeff Brown (b. 1978), ice hockey player
Kevin Brown (b. 1974), ice hockey player
Patrick Brown (b. 1978), former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, former MPP for Simcoe North
Ward Bowlby (1834-1917), lawyer and politician
Juwan Brescacin (b. 1993), CFL football player
Gord Brydson (1907-2001), NHL ice hockey player
Dan Bryk (b. 1970), singer-songerwriter
Kadeisha Buchanan (b. 1995), soccer player
Leya Buchanan (b. 1996), track and field sprinter
Francis (Frank) C. Buckley, C.M., B.Comm.,
Attila Buday, sprint canoer
Tamas Buday Jr., C-2 canoe
Mike Bullard, comedian, radio and television personality[4]
Pat Bullard, writer and comedian
Tony Burgess, novelist and screenwriter
Jacqueline Byers, actress
Jeff Caister (b. 1985), EIHL ice hockey player
Katrina Cameron (b. 1995), Olympic rhythmic gymnast
Tiffany Cameron (b. 1991), soccer player, German Bundesliga and Canada women's national soccer team
Nikki Campbell (b. 1980), golfer
Kyle Capobianco (b. 1997), AHL ice hockey player
Anthony Carelli (b. 1974), professional wrestler, competes as Santino Marella for World Wrestling Entertainment
Gordon Carton (b. 1921), former MPP
Michael Caruso (b. 1988), EBEL ice hockey player
Claire Carver-Dias (b. 1977), synchronized swimmer
Deanna Casaluce, actress
Alfred Joseph Casson (1898-1992), artist, Group of Seven
Jennifer Castle, folk singer-songwriter
Mabel Cawthra (1871-1943), painter, decorator
Klaidi Cela (b. 1999), soccer player
David Celia, musician
Carlton Chambers (b. 1975), track and field athlete
Hyliard Chappell (1916-1988), politician, MP and councillor
Al Cherney (1932-1989), fiddle player
Don Cherry (b. 1934), hockey commentator
Kenneth Chisholm (1829-1906), businessman, MPP
Deborah Chow, filmmaker, director, screenwriter
Casey Cizikas (b. 1991), hockey player for the New York Islanders
Adrian Clarke (b. 1991), CFL football linebacker
Dameon Clarke (b. 1972), actor, voice actor
Paul Coffey (b. 1961), Hockey Hall of Fame inductee and hockey great
Enzo Concina (b. 1962), retired soccer player
Kate Conway (b. 1986), actress
Nesta Cooper (b. 1993), actress
Chris Corbeil (b. 1988), NLL lacrosse player
Matt Corrente (b. 1988), hockey player for the New Jersey Devils
Peter deCarteret Cory, CC QC (b. 1925), former puisne judge of the Supreme Court of Canada (1989 to 1999)
Anthony Cosmo (b. 1977), NLL goaltender for the Boston Blazers
John Coyne (1836-1873), barrister, MPP
Dominic Cozzolino (b. 1994), sledge ice hockey
Stephen Crawford, MPP for Oakville
Brittany Crew (b. 1994), shot put athlete
Bonnie Crombie (b. 1960), politician
Kyle Croxall (b. 1988), 2012 Crashed Ice world champion[5]
Bob Cunningham (1927-2006), CFL football fullback
Rudy Cuzzetto, MPP for Mississauga-Lakeshore
Robin D'Abreo (b. 1975), field hockey player
Chris D'Alvise (b. 1986), EBEL ice hockey player
Kunle Dada-Luke (b. 2000), soccer player
Dipika Damerla, MPP for Mississauga East—Cooksville
Fedir Danylak (b. 1955), dancer, balletmaster, choreographer and artistic director
Mackenzie Darragh (b. 1993), Olympic swimmer
James Day (b. 1946), equestrian jumping
Bob Dechert, politician
Vincenzo DeMaria (b. 1954), mob boss, Siderno Group
Peter Demeter (b. 1933), murderer, former real estate developer
Shawn Desman (b. 1982, as Shawn Bosco Fernandes), singer and entertainer
Ranjeev Deol (b. 1976), field hockey
Duncan R. Derry (d. 1987), O.C., Ph.D., F.R.S.C., economic geologist
Jamie Devane (b. 1991), NHL drafted AHL player
Sudarshan Devanesen, C.M., M.D., former Chief of Family and Community Medicine at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto
Devon (b. Devon Martin), rapper
Adrian Dingle (1911-1974), cartoonist and artist, best known for creating Nelvana of the Northern Lights
Anne Ditchburn, ballet dancer and choreographer, actress
Martin Dobkin, mayor of Mississauga, family doctor
Denny Doherty, The Mamas and Papas, moved to Park Royal in 1986 to live and work, later Lorne Park[6]
Manning Doherty (1875-1938), Ontario Minister of Agriculture[7]
Richard Dos Ramos (b. 1962), jockey in Thoroughbred horse racing
Dick Duff, former professional hockey player, and Hockey Hall of Fame inductee
Jordan Dunstan (b. 1993), soccer player
Andre Durie, CFL football player, slotback, Jake Gaudaur Veterans' Award[8][9]

Chuck Ealey, former CFL football player[10]
Robert Young Eaton (1875–1956), businessman
Dwight Edwards (b. 1954), retired CFL football player
William Elliott (1837-1888), Member of Parliament, farmer, merchant
Rik Emmett, musician
JD Era (b. 1985), rapper

J. D. Fortune
Robby Fabbri, ice hockey player, currently with the St. Louis Blues
Joseph Featherston (1843-1913), Member of Parliament, municipal politician, livestock association board member, farmer
Ron Fellows, NASCAR driver
Wayne Fernandes, field hockey
Yanga R. Fernández, astronomer
Ricardo Ferreira (b. 1992), Primeira Liga football player
Jonelle Filigno, soccer player, Olympics and National Women's Soccer League
Caleb Flaxey, curler, 2014 Sochi Olympic alternate; Caledon resident, his rink is Dixie Curling Club
James C. Floyd, aerospace engineer, Avro Aircraft Ltd. (Canada) chief design engineer
Peter Fonseca, politician
J.D. Fortune, musician
Magdalena Frąckowiak (b. 1984), Polish fashion model and jewelry designer
Giuliano Frano (b. 1993), USL soccer player
Paul Fromm, white supremacist
William James Gage (1849-1921), educator, publisher, philanthropist
Robyn Gayle, Olympic soccer player
Ahmad Ghany (b. 1984), alleged terrorist
Joel Gibb, musician
Isaiah Gibbons (b. 1996), drummer
John Morrow Godfrey (1912–2001), pilot, lawyer, Senator
Gary Pig Gold (b. 1955), singer-songwriter, record producer, filmmaker, author
Charles Goldhamer, war artist
Hank Goldup (1918-2008), NHL ice hockey player
Ana Golja (b. 1996), actor, Degrassi
Cindy Gomez, singer
Gigi Gorgeous (b. 1992), actress, internet personality, makeup artist, activist, and model
Igor Gouzenko (1919–1982), defected cipher clerk for the Soviet Embassy to Canada
Gerry Gray (b. 1961), soccer coach, former Canadian national team player
Gordon Graydon (1896-1953), MP and UN representative for Canada
Albina Guarnieri, former politician
Donald Haddow (b. 1970), former Olympic freestyle swimmer
Tariq Abdul Haleem, Egyptian Islamist cleric, praised by the leader of Al-Qaeda
Sherman Hamilton (b. 1972), basketball player, television personality, raised in Malton
Ken Hammond (b. 1963), former NHL ice hockey player
Melvin Ormond Hammond (1876-1934), journalist and photographer
Macklin Leslie Hancock (1925-2010), O Ont, urban planning
Basil (Buzz) Hargrove (b. 1944), O.C., LL.D., former President of the Canadian Auto Workers union
Glen Harmon (1921-2007), NHL ice hockey player
Richard Harmon (b. 1991), actor
Jacqueline Harrison (b. 1978), curler
Daniel Harper (b. 1989), track and field
Raye Hartmann (b. 1990), CFL football player
Vanessa Harwood (b. 1947), ballet dancer, choreographer, artistic director, teacher, and actor
Tarrah Harvey (b. 1989), pairs ice dancer
Farhat Hashmi (b. 1957), Islamic scholar, founder of Mississauga's Al-Huda Institute
Ronnie Hawkins, O.C. (b. 1935), rockabilly musician
Sandy Hawley (b. 1949), jockey[11]
Daniel Hayes (b. 1989), actor, boxer, MMA fighter
Paul Henderson (b. 1943), C.M., O.Ont., former NHL ice hockey player, motivational speaker, volunteer
Curtis Hibbert (b. 1966), stuntman, Olympic gymnast
Blair Hicken (b. 1965), Olympic swimmer
Allison Higson (b. 1973), Olympic swimmer
Dwayne Hill (b. 1966), voice actor
Shawn Hill (b. 1981), baseball player
Charles Hill-Tout (1858-1944), ethnologist and folklorist
Dave Hilton, Jr. (b. 1963), former world boxing champion
Flash Hollett (1911-1999), ice hockey player
Ed Hospodar (b. 1959), former ice hockey player
Samantha Holmes-Domagala (b. 1977), ice hockey player
Karla Homolka (b. 1970), convicted serial killer, born in the Town of Port Credit
Jonathan Hood (b. 1985), CFL football defensive back
Robert Horner (1932-2008), Member of Parliament for Mississauga North
Malcolm Howard (b. 1983), Olympic rower
William Pearce Howland (1811-1907), second Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Darrin Huss (b. 1965), singer
Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim (b. 1955), imprisoned pastor
Thomas Ingersoll (1749–1812), Justice of the Peace, hotel operator, father of Laura Secord
Michael Ireland (b. 1974), Olympic long track speed skater
Sean Ireland, speed skating coach, former Olympic speed skater
Zunera Ishaq (b. c. 1986), successfully challenged a law requiring people taking the Oath of Citizenship to have their identity visible, allowing her to wear a niqab

Simeon Jackson, soccer player

Peter Jones (Kahkewāquonāby), Ojibwa Methodist minister

Chuck Jackson (b. 1953), lead singer, Downchild Blues Band
Simeon Jackson (b. 1987), footballer
Ian James (b. 1963), retired Olympic long jumper
Ryan Lee James (b. 1994), soccer player
Stefan Janković (b. 1993), basketball player
Patti Jannetta, pop and rock singer
Aditya Jha, C.M., M.Sc., LL.D., business, promotion of education and entrepreneurial opportunities for Aboriginal and disadvantaged youth
Prakash John (b. 1947), rock & rhythm 'n blues bassist
Ryan Johnson (b. 1974), freestyle skier
Kyle Jones (b. 1986), retired CFL football player
Peter Jones (1802–1856), Ojibwa Methodist minister, translator, chief and author
Terry David Jones (1938-2014), MPP
Leila Josefowicz (b. 1977), violinist
David Joseph, basketball coach
Sandeep Jyoti (b. 1973), cricketer

T. L. Kennedy, Premier of Ontario

Benjamin Kowalewicz, lead singer, Billy Talent

Christina Kessler, ice hockey goalie

Karen Kain, CC, lived in Erindale Woodlands[12] and Clarkson[13] while attending the National Ballet School
Ignat Kaneff, O Ont, developer and philanthropist
Belinda Karahalios (b. 1982), MPP for Cambridge
Douglas Kennedy (1916-2003), provincial politician
Peter Kennedy (1943–2010), economist
Thomas Laird Kennedy (1878–1959), politician, Premier of Ontario
Jane Kerr (b. 1968), Olympic swimmer
Christina Kessler (b. 1988), ice hockey player
Iqra Khalid (b. 1986), MP
Rich Kidd (b. 1987), hip hop recording artist, record producer and film/video director, 2012 Juno Award nominee
Dean Kondziolka (b. 1972), swimmer
Tom Kostopoulos (b. 1979), ice hockey player
Greg Kovacs (1968-2013), bodybuilder
Maksym Kowal (b. 1991), soccer player
Benjamin Kowalewicz, lead singer of Billy Talent
Alison Kreviazuk (b. 1988), curler
Matt Kudu (b. 1981), football player
Nikolai Kulikovsky (1881-1958), second husband of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia
Shrawan Kumar, O.C., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.C., rehabilitation ergonomics pioneer, professor emeritus at the University of Alberta
Natalia Kusendova, MPP for Mississauga Centre
Jeff Kyrzakos (b. 1985), hockey player, Central Hockey League
Irshad Khan, Indian Classical Musician

Lisa Lennox as Deedee Doodlebop
Nathan LaFayette (b. 1973), former ice hockey player
Tuan Lam (b. 1966), professional poker player
John Langstone (1913-1994), Anglican bishop
Silken Laumann (b. 1964), Olympic rower
Chris Leroux (b. 1984), retired baseball player, appearing in The Bachelor Canada
Adriana Leon (b. 1992), soccer player NWSL
George Leslie Sr. (1804-), gardener, merchant, namesake of Toronto's Leslieville
Winnie Leuszler (1926–2004), long-distance swimmer
Carrie Lightbound (b. 1979), K-4 500 kayak
Simu Liu (b. 1989), actor, stuntman
Władysław Lizoń (b. 1954), federal politician
Erix Logan (b. 1963, Enrico Del Buono), magician and illusionist
Martina Lončar (b. 1997), soccer player
Naz Long (b. 1993), college basketball player
Anqi Luo (b. 1996), table tennis[14]
Henry Lau (b. 1989), k-pop singer, actor
Hazel McCallion
Hazel McCallion
Mishael Morgan
Mishael Morgan
Manny Malhotra
Manny Malhotra
Austin MacDonald (b. 1995), actor, Debra![15]
Blake McGrath (b. 1983), dancer
Byron MacDonald (b. 1950), swimming coach, broadcaster, former Olympic swimmer
Dr. Joseph B. MacInnis (b. 1937), lived in Mineola as of 1965,[16] physician, author, poet, underwater diver and aquanaut, first scientist to dive under the North Pole
Robert MacGeorge (1808-1884), 19th century Anglican priest and author
Deven Mack (b. 1988), voice actor, voice director and casting director
Brittany MacLean (b. 1994), Olympic swimmer
Heather MacLean (b. 1992), Olympic swimmer
Christine Magee (b. 1959), OC, businessperson, notably Sleep Country Canada
Dr. Hadi-Khan Mahabadi, OC, VP of Xerox Research Centre of Canada[17]
Steve Mahoney (b. 1947), former MP and cabinet minister, former MPP
Shaun Majumder (b. 1972), comedian, born in Newfoundland, raised in Clarkson
Matur Maker (b. 1998), basketball player declared for the 2018 NBA Draft
Manny Malhotra (b. 1980), former hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks
A. J. Mandani (b. 1987), PBA basketball player
Alan Mannus (b. 1982), soccer goalkeeper
Santino Marella (b. 1974), professional wrestler, WWE
Denis Margalik (b. 1997), Argentine figure skater
Margaret Marland (b. 1934), politician
Robert Marland (b. 1964), realtor, retired Olympic rower
Grant Marshall (b. 1973), retired NHL ice hockey player
Taya Marquis (b. 1989), singer, songwriter
Liam Massaubi, entrepreneur, business person and investor
Shahir Massoud, chef and television personality
Diana Matheson (b. 1984), Olympic soccer player
Joe Mattacchione (b. 1975), USL A-League/NPSL soccer player
Ermanno Mauro, O.C., tenor
Gavin Maxwell (b. 1970), Olympic spring canoe/kayaker
Hazel McCallion, C.M. (b. 1921), politician, Mayor of Mississauga
Gavin McCallum (b. 1987), footballer
Tom McCarthy (b. 1960), NHL ice hockey player
Michael McCrudden, YouTuber, actor
Conor McCullagh, prosthetic makeup artist, winner of Face Off season 1
Norris McDonald (b. 1942), journalist, member of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame
Wade McElwain (b. 1972), television producer and comedian
F.B. McFarren (1889-unknown), miller
Andrew McGrath (b. 1998), Australian rules footballer
Blake McGrath (b. 1983), dancer, singer, choreographer
Seamus McGrath (b. 1976), retired mountain biker
Margaret McLeod OC (d. 1993), founder of Cheshire Homes in Canada
Michael McLeod (b. 1998), OHL ice hockey
Mikael McNamara (b. 1987), soccer player
Suzie McNeil (b. 1976), singer
Danica McPhee (b. 1989), member of Team Canada at the IPC's first women's sledge hockey tournament[18][19][20]
Richie Mehta, film director, Genie nominee
Ian Mendes (b. 1976), sports broadcaster
Tony Menezes (b. 1974), soccer player
Christin Milloy (b. 1984), LGBT activist
Shay Mitchell (b. 1987), television actress, Pretty Little Liars
Naz Mitrou-Long (b. 1993), basketball player
Stefan Molyneux (b. 1966), author, essayist, philosopher, radio host
Steve Montador (1979-2015), NHL ice hockey player
Gil Moore (b. 1953), Triumph
Mishael Morgan (b. 1986), Trinidadian born actress, The Young and the Restless[21]
Wesley Morgan (b. 1990), actor
Teddy Morris (1910-1965), Canadian Football Hall of Fame player and coach for the Toronto Argonauts
Carmelina Moscato (b. 1984), Olympic soccer player
John Errington Moss (b. 1940), author
Ese Mrabure-Ajufo (b. 1992), CFL football player
Cauchy Muamba (b. 1987), football player, CFL
Henoc Muamba (b. 1989), football player, NFL
Peter Mueller, football player, CFL, and educator
Ryan Munce (b. 1985), NHL drafted ACH ice hockey player
Will Munro (1975-2010), artist, club promoter, and restaurateur
Jestyn Murphy (b. c. 1996), curling skip
Chic Murray (1914–1984), Mayor of the Town of Mississauga
M. H. Murray (b. 1993), writer, director, filmmaker, web series creator
Alex Mustakas, actor and director, CEO of Drayton Entertainment
Nadine Muzerall (b. 1978), ice hockey player
Nahnebahwequa ("Catherine Bunch"), Ojibwa spokeswoman and Christian missionary, born at Credit River flats[22]
Alexandra Najarro (b. 1993), figure skater, trained at Mississauga Figure Skating Club[23]
Bo Naylor (b. 2000), baseball catcher
Josh Naylor (b. 1997), baseball player
Boyd Neel, conductor[24]
Neenyo (b. Sean Seaton), record producer and songwriter
Walt Neubrand, one of three Keepers of the Cup for the NHL[25]
Kevin Newman, broadcaster, journalist[26]
Andrew Nicholson (b. 1989), NBA basketball player[27]
Bert Niosi (1909-1987), bandleader[28]
Devohn Noronha-Teixeira, field hockey player
Elyse Null (b. 1989, Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs), world-level gymnast
Matthew O'Connor (b. 1984) soccer player
Peanuts O'Flaherty (1918-2008), NHL ice hockey player (1940-1956)
Bev Oda, former MP, cabinet minister
Senator Victor Oh[29]
Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia (1882-1960), exiled child of Emperor Alexander III of Russia
Tara Oram (b. 1984), country music singer, lived in Malton
Johnny Orlando (b. 2003), singer, songwriter, actor, Juno Award nominee
Philip Orsino, O.C., B.A., F.C.A., President and CEO of Masonite International Corporation, volunteer and fundraiser
Kary Osmond (b. 1979), celebrity chef, formerly of CBC's Best Recipes Ever

Oscar Peterson
Lata Pada, C.M., M.A., South Asian dancer, instructor, choreographer
John Pallett (1921–1985), politician
Owen Pallett (b. 1979), composer, violinist, keyboardist, and vocalist, also known as "Final Fantasy"
Dominic Panganiban (b. 1990), YouTuber and animator
Alex Pangman (b. 1976), jazz singer
Carolyn Parrish (b. 1946), city councillor, former MP
Aqsa Parvez (1991-2007), murdered by strangulation in "honour killing"
PartyNextDoor (b. 1993), Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, R&B Artist with OVO Sound
Alan Paterson (1928-1999), British high jumper
Claude Patrick (b. 1980), mixed martial arts fighter
Nick Paul (b. 1995), NHL ice hockey player
Larry Patey (b. 1953), hockey player, NHL, raised in Port Credit
Jerzy Patoła (1946-2016), Polish footballer
Joevannie Peart (b. 1984), former soccer player
Erica Peck, stage actress; attended Cawthra's arts program and University of Toronto Mississauga[30]
Bert Peer (1910-1992), NHL player
Christopher Pellini (b. 1984), canoe/kayak sprint
Jackie Perez, video journalist, former Toronto Argonauts cheer captain
Oscar Peterson CC CQ OOnt (1925-2007), jazz pianist
Tim Peterson (b. 1947), former politician
Roméo Phillion (1939-2015), served 32 years on a wrongful conviction[31]
Phil X (b. 1966), musician and songwriter
Steve Pinizzotto (b. 1984), ice hockey player
Ed Podivinsky (b. 1970), alpine skiing
Dalton Pompey (b. 1992), baseball, outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays
Kyle Porter (b. 1990), USL soccer player
E. J. Pratt (1882-1964), poet, served in Streetsville as an Assistant Minister
Carlo Guillermo Proto (b. 1979), Chilean-Canadian director
Maria Qamar, artist and author
John Roberts
John Roberts
Adamo Ruggiero
Adamo Ruggiero
Mazo de la Roche
Mazo de la Roche
Tomasz Radzinski (b. 1973), retired soccer player
John Ramage (b. 1991), ice hockey player
Sohail Rana (b. 1938), composer for Pakistani films, runs a music school
Kaleed Rasheed, MPP for Mississauga East-Cooksville
Gino Reda (b. 1960), television host
Lesley Reddon (b. 1970), former member of the Canadian women's ice hockey team
Ray Reddy, technology entrepreneur
Carolyn Relf, geologist
Margaret Renwick (1923-2012), MPP Scarborough Centre
Fran Rider, C.M., co-founder of the Ontario Women's Hockey Association
John River (b. 1994, as Matthew John Derrick-Huie), rapper
Rebecca Rivera (b. 1995), volleyball player
John Roberts (b. 1965), TV journalist, formerly known as J. D. Roberts[32]
John Beverley Robinson (1821-1896), mayor of Toronto, MP, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Laura Robinson, sports journalist
Mazo de la Roche (1879–1961), author
Chaim Roserie (b. 1998), soccer player
Chris Rudge (b. 1945), Toronto Argonauts executive, formerly with Canadian Olympic Committee, CFL[33]
Adamo Ruggiero (b. 1986), actor
Lorne Ryder (b. 1970), singer-songwriter and instrumentalist
Matt Stajan
Matt Stajan
Artwork by Charlotte Schreiber
Artwork by Charlotte Schreiber
Sheref Sabawy, MPP for Mississauga-Erin Mills
Rob Sampson, businessperson, former MPP, Minister of Correctional Services
Sigmund Samuel (1868-1962), steel industry
Harland David "Colonel" Sanders (1890-1980), founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken[34]
Scott Sandison, field hockey
Ashlee Savona (b. 1992), Canadian-born Guyanese women's international footballer
Jessica Savona (b. 1994), artistic gymnast
Robert J. Sawyer, science fiction author[35]
Kyle Schmid (b. 1984), actor
Charlotte Schreiber (1834-1922), artist
Aaron Seltzer (b. 1974), director and screenwriter team with Jason Friedberg, specializing in commercial successful parody films
Derick Sequeira (b. 1996), soccer player
Wali Shah, musician and speaker
Leanne Shapton (b. 1973), artist and graphic novelist
Janet Sheather (1912-?), Olympic swimmer
Tara Shelley, actress
Harold Shipp (1926-2014), developer, philanthropist
Alexander MacDonald Shook (1888-1966), Canadian World War I flying ace
Shroud (b. 1994, Michael Grzesiek), former professional eSports player
Lucas Silveira, vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, first openly transgender man signed to a major record label
Meaghan Sittler (b. 1976), NWHL ice hockey player
Donna Smellie (b. 1964), 1984 Olympic heptalthlete
Blair Smith (b. 1990), football linebacker
Bob Smith, comic book artist[36]
Eric Smith, Taekwondo, canoe/kayak - sprint
Jelani Smith (b. 1991), soccer player
Lorne Smith (1928–2002), AHL and Elite Ice Hockey League hockey player and coach
Morag Smith, television comedian[37]
Robert Smith (1819-1900), politician and farmer
Steve Smith, television comedian and producer, Red Green on The Red Green Show[37]
John Smits (b. 1988), soccer player, North American Soccer League
Aaron Solowoniuk (b. 1974), drummer for Billy Talent
Charles Sousa (b. 1958), provincial politician, cabinet minister
Kris Sparre (b. 1987), DEL2 ice hockey player
Robert Speck (1915-1972), politician
Robert James Speers (1882-1955), businessman, Canadian Sports Hall of Fame inductee
Sven Spengemann (b. 1966), MP
Jason Spezza, hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs
Ryan Sproul (b. 1993), hockey player, drafted by Detroit Red Wings
Laura Stacey (b. 1994), CWHL ice hockey player
Matt Stajan, hockey player for the Calgary Flames
Jim Stanfield (1947-2009), ice hockey player
Nik Stauskas, chosen 8th overall in the 2014 NBA Draft
Tamara Steeves, Paralympic wheelchair basketball player
Roberto Stillo (b. 1991), soccer player
Dylan Strome (b. 1997), hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks
Ryan Strome, hockey player for the New York Rangers
Amanda Strong, media artist and filmmaker
Dean Strong (b. 1985), Italian Elite.A ice hockey player
George Stroumboulopoulos (b.1972) television personality, Hockey Night in Canada
Cameron Sylvester (b. 1986), Olympic rower
Krisztina Szabo, mezzo-soprano
Harinder Takhar, provincial politician
Nina Tangri, MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville
Tony Tanti, NHL player[38]
John Tavares, hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs
John Tavares, NLL lacrosse player[39]
Raheem Taylor-Parkes (b. 1998), soccer player
Kat Teasdale (1964-2016), racecar driver
Jay Telfer (1947-2009), singer, songwriter, guitarist
Ty Templeton, comic book artist[36]
Louis Temporale (1909-1994), O Ont, stone sculptor
Aria Tesolin, opera singer[40]
Ian Tetley (b. 1962), curler
Elias Theodorou (b. 1988), UFC Fighter
Gurminder Thind (b. 1984), football player
Fletcher Stewart Thomas (1897-1957), Member of Provincial Parliament for Elgin
Denyse Thomasos (1964-2012), Trinidadian-Canadian abstract artist
William Thompson (1786-1860), farmer, Militia member in the War of 1812 and Upper Canada Rebellion, politician
Matt Tierney (b. 1996), rugby union player
Rick Titus (b. 1969), retired footballer
Kate Todd, actress (Radio Free Roscoe), singer[41]
Philip Tomasino (b. 2001), ice hockey forward
Brandon Toste (b. 2002), figure skater
Dave Toycen, O Ont, World Vision Canada
Lauren Toyota, television personality
T. J. Trevelyan, DEL ice hockey player
Michael Trotta (b. c. 1975), Bandidos motorcycle member killed in the Shedden massacre, 2006
Masami Tsuruoka (1929-2014), O. Ont., karate instructor, known as "The Father of Canadian Karate"
Barbara Turnbull, journalist and activist for people with disabilities
Stella Umeh (b. 1975), artistic gymnast, 1992 Olympics
Jim Unger, cartoonist, Herman[42]
Brent Urban (b. 1991), NFL football player
Jamie Vanderbeken (b. 1987), NBL basketball player
Diana Van der Vlis (1935-2001), actress
Debbie Van Kiekebelt (b. 1954), sports broadcaster, athlete
David Velastegui (b. 1991), soccer player
Paul Vermeersch, poet
Rebecca Vint (b. 1992), ice hockey player
Chris Violette (b. 1981), actor (Power Rangers: SPD)
David Visentin, realtor, television personality
Owen von Richter (b. 1975), swimming, men's 400 individual medley

Daria Werbowy
Eric Walters, C.M. (b. 1957), author
Rob Wells, producer, songwriter[6]
Emery Welshman (b. 1991), MLS soccer player for Real Salt Lake
Daria Werbowy (b. 1983), supermodel
Fred J. White (1886-1967), Alberta MLA, labour activist
Solomon White (1836-1911), ran a winery, provincial politician
Aileen Williams (1924-2015), Black-Canadian activist
Klaus Wilmsmeyer (b. 1967), former National Football League player for the San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins
Mike Wilner (b. 1970), radio broadcaster
John Tuzo Wilson (1908-1993), geophysicist
Greg Wojt (b. 1985), football player
Mike Wolfs (b. 1970), Olympic sailor
Ted Woloshyn (b. 1953), columnist, former talk radio host
Erin Woodley (b. 1972), Olympic synchronized swimmer
Phil X (b. 1966, Philip Xenidis), Bon Jovi guitarist and songwriter
Sura Yekka (b. 1997), soccer, Canadian national team
Michael Young (b. 1994), bobsledder
Mark Zubek, record producer, jazz musician

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