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How is Israel's image in Kenya?

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How is Israel's image in Kenya? by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jan 2020 08:28am
Interesting question!!! Kenyans are notoriously religious(regardless of their religion) and therefore their view of Israel is shaped primarily by religion. A big percentage of Kenyans are Christians and therefore most are very much pro Israel. If you listen to many of the prayers, they are to the god of Israel. The truth is very few Kenyans understand the reasons behind the current conflict, and frankly, they don't even care because many believe Israel is sort of a blessed country. Our government has previously been openly pro Israel (remember Entebbe raid, it was successful partly because of Kenya’s role in the raid) and still maintains very good relations with Israel.

The Muslims however, don't view Israel in the same way as the Christians do(that's pretty much standard in the world). A majority of the educated people also don't view Israel with much positivity either. They have a pretty good understanding of global politics and have formed their own opinion. However, at the end of the day, what matters is if one can separate the state and the individual.

Simply put, because of religion, majority of Kenyans view Israel as some blessed country and our government takes a pro-Israel stand.

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