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Why did Idi Amin dislike Asians in Uganda?

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Why did Idi Amin dislike Asians in Uganda? by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jan 2020 10:23am
President Idi Amin addressing a group of people in Karamoja tells them that he has dreamt and if action is not taken our economy will be taken over by those who are not Ugandan.

In Tororo a place influxed by Indians Amin announces his dream again at Rubongi army telling his army officials that the Indians should leave. He wasn’t joking, Indians had to leave in 90 days no matter what businesses they were doing in Uganda.

This started an economic battle among the Asians who transferred their businesses to the Ugandans . Indians were highly favoured by the colonial masters the British over the Ugandans as they worked and received salaries from the British. Ugandan entrepreneurs were not favoured as compared to their Asian counterparts in areas of trade. They couldn’t even access bank services from banks like Bank of Baroda, Bank of India. They handled less than 10% of the trade.

A system similar to apartheid was observed, different coaches for Europeans and Asians, different toilets. All this was done during the reign of the colonial master.

The supposed dream was all initiated by a religious leader who convinced Amin to do it. Indians who said they were ugandan were given a one month ultimatum as those who were non Ugandan were given a three month notice.

All the goods imported by the Indians amid their expulsion got stuck at the border causing a lack of basic goods in Uganda. Well, good enough Ugandans could depend on coffee.

Most indian owned businesses were handed over to Uganda but only a few were successful.

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