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Do people from Uganda eat pork?

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Do people from Uganda eat pork? by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jan 2020 10:27am
Are you kidding me?

Let’s first ask ourselves. Why not?

The most common reasons (at-least ones I know) why some Ugandans don’t eat pork include:-

They are Muslim - ~14% in Uganda
They don’t like the taste of pork
They don’t like the way it smells
They fear to get fat
or , they can’t afford it
Those are the categories I can think of right now that do not take pork and all together combined will definitely not account for the whole population of Ugandans.

A kilogram of well roasted or grilled pork goes for between $4 - $6 in most “pork joints” in Uganda. Where as this may be on the higher end of the cost of a meal for a person here, every once in a while a treat is in order.

Basically, pork is a delicacy here. In-fact, it is normal and quite common to see young and old couples, entire families going to eat pork especially on weekends.

The pork can be prepared in a variety of ways. Most common is fried or roasted and served with Irish potatoes or boiled bananas(matooke). I personally prefer roasted and served with Irish potatoes.

Here is me taking pork on a friend’s birthday,…

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