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Where would you rather live, Europe, America, or Africa?

Kenyans247 / Kenyans247 / General / Africa / Where would you rather live, Europe, America, or Africa? (16 Views)

Why would you prefer Kenya?Should you learn a bit of local languages before traveling to Kenya?
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Where would you rather live, Europe, America, or Africa? by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jan 2020 10:56am
Live permanently?

Europe: too cold, too expensive, too many issues with darker minorities right now; the only place I'd ever consider (the UK) is “leaving” the EU and is probably going to be in the shitter economically for a while. But it's mostly the cold.

Africa: mostly perfect weather, fairly cheap, up-and-coming, but too conservative and too many anti-LGBT issues. Though I hear the Lusophone countries are more lax on the issue, which is something. I think Africa's a stop on the journey but probably won't be my final residence -Africa is the sort of place I could do business in but couldn't feel at peace living in, solely because of the LGBT issue.

America: the warmest states are the most conservative: clearly I am cursed. California is too expensive. Ideally I'd live in Atlanta. Or Miami. Somewhere urban and warm -I'm in Michigan right now and every winter lasts 6 months and is bitter cold. Hell even San Juan if I picked up Spanish.

America is that sweet spot of not too expensive, warm, and just socially liberal enough to get by. A place like Cape Verde would be a runner up though. I have no desire to live in Europe long term.

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