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What topics in Uganda have strong oppositions?

Kenyans247 / East African Forums / Ugandan Forum / What topics in Uganda have strong oppositions? (14 Views)

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What topics in Uganda have strong oppositions? by Kenyans247(m): Thu Jan 2020 11:50am
Very many. Here is what I notice the most.

LGBTQ Rights. Many people will just blow a gasket and argue over this from all the angles of religion, tradition and closed minds.
Religion. Many people who are religious feel like everyone else should take their route. And that it is their responsibility to keep trying to ‘convert’ you with the age-old analogy of fear-based submission.
Politics. Many people would rather not see the few good things that the state (government) has actually done to improve life but are happy to drum on about how everything is wrong.
Employment and Skills. You don’t want to start a conversation about how many people graduate without employable skills and how that increases unemployment.
Marriage and Kids. Any talk about not marrying and not having kids will have people glaring at you and giving you all the reasons why you should reconsider and do it.
Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool. A lot of people will listen to only one of these two ‘guys’ and quickly dismiss the people who like the other guy as morons/fools and the likes.
And so many more.

These are a few mindset shifts that could change a lot in the way we live life. But mindset shifts are not light switches that we can flip in one instance.

Mindsets based on fear of damnation (by others or God) and fear of change are very hard to break.

I find it very hard to talk with many people in a civil way about these, and end the conversation without feeling like they are triggered.

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