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How to Apply for a Temporary Work Permit in Kenya

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How to Apply for a Temporary Work Permit in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Sun Jan 2020 07:42am
Check the current Kenya visa regulations at the foreign ministry or find the Kenyan embassy in your country of permanent residence to obtain the visa application requirements for Kenya;

Apply for a business visa;
On arrival fill the special pass form
Get a temporary work visa application form and fill it accurately;
Make all the necessary payments;
Attach all the necessary documents like:-
Letter of invitation from the Kenyan Entity.
Letter of motivation (written by the applicant)
Payment slips
Submit all the documents to the Ministry of Internal affairs in Kenya or at the Embassy of Kenya in the Country of Origin;
Go to Min of Internal Affairs to the ministry after about two (2) weeks and pay for a Special Pass.
Pick up passport later with Special Pass as the work permit is being processed.
Physically go to the Min of Internal Affairs Office to inquire about if your work permit has been processed.
If it is, you give them your passport. I dont know if they need to keep it for a few days (or weeks) or if they can process it straight away.
Make payment for Work Permit.
Receive the Temporary work permit.

Required Documents
Cable message showing approval of TWP from Comptroller General of Immigration (CGIS);
Letter of introduction from applicants company;
Return Ticket reservation;
2 Current Passport photographs;
Acknowledgment slip and payment confirmation receipt;
20.00 Administrative fee to be paid at the Embassy;

Office Locations & Contacts
Kenya Immigration service

Nyayo House

PO Box 30191 Nairobi Kenya

Tel: +245-20-222022

Fax: +254-20-220731

Experts invited by corporate bodies to provide specialized skilled services, such as after sales installation , maintenance, repairs of machines & equipment Foreign nationals who want to enter the country for employment / work lasting a fixed (long) period of time, and are not considered permanent or indefinite. Or If one is traveling to Kenya for a specific project that will exceed 30 days

20.00 Administrative fee to be paid at the Embassy;

Validity period of the work permit depends on the duration of assignment one intends to do in the country.

Obtainable only from the office of the Kenya of Immigration services Headquarters, in Nairobi.

Required Information
Confirmed Airline Return ticket
Acceptance of IR (Immigration Responsibility form) by inviting organizations or individual.
Permission from the school Official, if the temporary work visa was for students to study abroad but allowed to work on temporary basis or permission from any Responsible Officer for exchange visitors/ study program.
Then you must present proof of payment for the fee. After the fee is paid and a receipt is issued, you can go to any embassy or consulate o to apply for Temporary work visa.
Specific rules and requirements vary according to the embassy or consulate at which you apply.
The worker may only perform the job for which their Temporary visa was issued for example temporary religious workers,
You must prove that your sponsored by an employer for a nominated position to get a temporary work visa.
You must hold relevant qualifications, skills, and experience in the employment field relating to the job.
You must meet relevant health requirements and undergo a health check.
You must meet character requirements and provide police certificates
You must agree to the Values Statement for that foreign country where you intend to go.
You must be able to meet standard of language if English is a 2nd language.
Once the above is agreed, you may apply for the Temporary work Visa using the above steps.

Need for the Document
Temporary worker Permit are for persons who want to enter Kenya for employment lasting for a fixed period of time, and are not considered permanent or indefinite. Each of these visas requires the prospective employer to first file a petition with Kenya Immigration Services. An approved petition is required to apply for a Temporary work Permit.

Kenya temporary worker Permit is endorsed more profession to get usually valid for tough periods of time get a business visa.

This is an approved visa endorsement authorizing an Immigrant to enter Kenya for the purpose of performing a specific job within a specified period of time. Such jobs include but not limited to Installation/Repair of machines. Auditing of accounts, training or any other specialist job which Kenya lacks the expertise. TWP are usually issued for a period of 3 months. All TWP cable visa must be approved by the Kenya Immigration Service (KIS).

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