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How to Apply For Film/Posters Classification in Kenya

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How to Apply For Film/Posters Classification in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Sun Jan 2020 03:07pm
To apply for classification, the applicant has to contact the Kenya Film Classification Board offices
The person seeking certificate of approval applies for examination and classification services by filling the Certificate of Approval application form
Payment of appropriate fees should be made and that can be found under the "Fees" section of this page or in the Films And Stage Plays Act Subsidiary Legislation.
The person seeking Certificate of Approval pays for classification fee which will be determined by the length of the film (Kshs 100 per minute)
The person seeking Certificate of Approval pays for poster and trailer at standard fee of Ksh1000 each.
The person seeking Certificate of Approval submits the entire film to be examined and classified to the Board
The Boards film examiners will view and classify the film within a day
On completion of examination and classification of the film the Board may approve it for public display subject to given rating (GE, PG, 16 and 18) or Refuse to approve it for public display: the Board shall not approve any film or poster which in its opinion tend to prejudice the maintenance of public order and may offend decency or any other reason deemed undesirable in the public interest.
Where the Board approves the film or poster it shall give the applicant the Certificate of Approval thereof in the prescribed form.
Where the Board declines to approve a film or a poster description, it shall notify the applicant as soon as is practicable and give reasons for doing so

Required Documents
Application form
Entire film/poster to be examined and classified

Office Locations & Contacts
Film Licensing Officer
Kenya Film Classification Board,

Uchumi House 15 Floor

P.O. Box 44226-00100, Nairobi,

Tel: 020 2250600/2241804

Mobile: 0711222204

Fax: +254 20 - 2251258



Applied to films, TV and Radio programmes, movies, videos and posters that may be created, broadcast, possessed, distributed and or exhibited in Kenya.

Film, recorded video, poster or trailers of a film KShs. 100 per minute

Posters of a film or description thereof - KShs. 1,000

Trailers of a film or description thereof - KShs. 1,000

Certificate of approval shall remain valid for a period of five years from its date of issue.

Documents to Use
Classification Application Form

Processing Time
The Boards film examiners will view and classify the film within a day

poster means any poster or other advertisement advertising a film or exhibition.

film means a cinematographic film, recorded video cassette film, recorded video discs, any recorded audiovisual medium, and includes any commentary (wherever spoken and whether the person speaking appears in the film or not), and any music or other sound effect, associated with the film, and any part of a film.

Required Information
Production Company/Distributor
Phone NO
E-mail address
Physical location/address
Title of the Film
Category of classification applied

Need for the Document
No person is allowed to exhibit or distribute any film to public and No film shall be distributed, exhibited or broadcast either publicly or privately unless the Kenya Film Classification Board has examined and issued a classification.

Information which might help
Any person who is aggrieved by the Boards decision may appeal to the Board in writing within 21 days after the decision is notified to the person aggrieved and shall state in details the ground of the appeal.

The Board will continue to review guidelines periodically in the light of Changes in lifestyle, public expectations and concerns.

External Links
Classification Guidelines

Films And Stage Plays Act Subsidiary Legislation

Films And Stage Plays Act Cap 222

The Kenya Film Classification Board, a state corporation under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts is mandated by Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of Laws of Kenya to regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution and exhibition of films in the country with a view to promote national values and morality.

The Films and Stage Plays Act has empowered the Board to:

Regulating the creation, broadcasting, distribution, exhibition and possession of film and broadcast content by:
Classifying TV and radio programmes as stipulated in the Programming Code for free-to-air Radio and TV Services in Kenya
Classifying all non-programme matter, namely commercials, infomercials, documentaries, programme promotions, programme listings, community service announcements and station identifications.
Ensuring that content which depicts, contain scenes or are of the language intended for adult audience are not aired during the watershed period
Giving consumer advise by empowering film and broadcast content consumer with knowledge to make informed choices
Registering and licensing film agents, local and international filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors.
Prescribing and developing guidelines on film and broadcast content regulation in the country.


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