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How to Apply for Tea Manufacturing License in Kenya

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How to Apply for Tea Manufacturing License in Kenya by Kenyans247(m): Tue Jan 2020 08:35am
The Applicant should apply in writing in the prescribed form (Form C).
The duly filled Form C should be accompanied by the required documents.
The Board shall satisfy itself that the applicant has adequate capacity to undertake the project.
The applicant for the issuance of a manufacturing license pays the prescribed fees.

Required Documents
Duly Filled Application Form C
Certificate of company incorporation
Name of the Directors
Factory Trade Mark
Certificate of health

Office Locations & Contacts
The Tea Board of Kenya
Tea Board House, Naivasha Rd, Off Ngong Rd, Nairobi
Box 20064-00200 Nairobi
Tel: (020) 3874758/3872497/3874445/3874446/3872861
Wireless: (020) 2536869/2536886
Mobile: 0722 200556/0733 600944
Fax: (020) 3862120/3876337
Customer Service Line (Hotline): 0739333019, 0728068027
Operating Hours: 8:00am - 12:30pm; and 2:00 pm to 5:00pm
Directions: View Directions

No person shall manufacture tea for sale, whether by sun drying or otherwise, except under and in accordance with a license issued by the Tea Board of Kenya.

Application Fee: No Fee
License Fee: Kshs 50,000/=

One Year

Documents to Use
FORM C: Application for Issuance of Tea Manufacturing License

Licensing and Registration Forms

Processing Time
Maximum Processing Time: 90 Days

Agency: Tea Board of Kenya

Contact Office: Technical Office

Resolution Criteria: Meeting all the Requirements

The Board may, after consultation with the Minister issue a manufacturing license, in accordance with and under this Act thinks fit, or may, after such consultation, refuse to issue a manufacturing license on any ground which may appear to the Board to be sufficient.

The Board may, after consultation with the Minister, cancel, vary or suspend any license issued or suspend any such license in respect of a specified factory only if in the findings.

Every application for a license should be made in writing in the prescribed form.

Required Information
Name of Applicant
Certificate of Company Incorporation No (Attach copy)
List Names and Particulars of Directors (Attach details)
Postal Address
Telephone No
Factory Trade Mark
Source of green leaf for processing
Type of tea manufacture
Manufacturing capacity
Signature of the Applicant

Need for the Document
Tea manufacture means the mechanical or chemical processing and conversion of green tea leaf into made tea or other tea products.

A Tea Manufacturing License is a license authorizing the holder to carry on the business to manufacture tea for sale and also authorize the holder to carry out the business of packing and blending tea.

Information which might help
Terms and conditions

When licensing a new manufacturing factory due consideration shall be taken to ensure that processing over-capacity is not created in a given local area or zone. In the case of a new investor, the Tea Board shall where necessary arbitrate to decide how the growers are distributed between the existing and the new factory before issuing a license.
A license for a new factory may only be issued to a person or company who has at least 250 hectares of planted tea bushes. Where a group of persons or companies make a joint application for a license, they may only be issued with a license if they have at least 250 hectares of tea bushes, which parcels of land must be within a fifty (50) kilometre radius.
Notwithstanding paragraph 2 where an applicant seeks to manufacture high value specialty or value added teas, the Board may grant a license based on the economic viability, technology used /or range of products.
An applicant for the issuance or renewal of a manufacturing license shall pay the prescribed fees.
A tea manufacturing factory shall not buy green leaf from any other person other than the growers appearing in its register.
A tea factory shall verify the details contained in the application made to it by a grower to ensure that the particulars submitted are correct.
A tea factory shall sign a Green Leaf Supply Agreement with all its registered growers and a copy of the Agreement shall be maintained at the factory for inspection.
Notwithstanding paragraph 5, in the case of a tea factory where there is inadequate processing capacity and a surplus green leaf, the Tea Board of Kenya shall, where necessary, arbitrate to decide the arrangements to divert the surplus green leaf to the nearest factory with extra processing capacity.
An applicant for renewal of a manufacturing license must comply with good manufacturing practices and national standards on quality, food safety and hygiene.
When considering an application for a manufacturing license, the Board shall satisfy itself that the applicant has adequate financial capacity to undertake the project.
When considering an application for renewal of a manufacturing license, the Board shall require the applicant to submit an Audit Certificate on their financial statements from registered external auditors.
Before granting a license, the Board shall satisfy itself that the directors of the company are fit for the functions for which they seek a license.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate
Authorizes the applicant to engage in a tea manufacturing

External Links
The Tea Board of Kenya

Tea Manufacturing License

Tea Act and Other Legislations

Ministry of Agriculture

The Tea Board Kenya is a statutory organization established in 1950 under the Tea Act (Cap 343) of the laws of Kenya. Headquartered in Nairobi - Kenya, the Tea Board is mandated to regulate the tea industry in all aspects of tea growing, research, manufacture, trade and promotion in both the local and the international markets. The Board also disseminates information relating to tea and advises the Government on all policy matters regarding the tea industry through the Ministry of Agriculture.

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