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Campaign - Kenyans247 Ads


To buy more credits, please pay at least Ksh3,500.00 into this account
Co-operative Bank of Kenya -Account No- 01109496110900 Kennedy N. Sande then on the business number input 400200 and account no input this account number and send your Kenyans247 username and evidence of payment to evidence@kenyans247.com. Foreign advertisers should pay using Orderbay & Paypal.

Pay Through mpesa
Go to the M-pesa Menu.
Select Pay Bill.
Enter Business No. 400200.
Enter Account No. 01109496110900 –Bank account number.
Enter the Amount.
Enter your M-Pesa PIN then send.

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Advertising Credits: Ksh
Amount Spent So Far: Ksh
Advertising Cost: Ksh per week (). Estimated Ad Rates.

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Sections: Africa, Health, Kenyans247 ads, Counties, Food, Innovation, Building/Architecture, Technology Market, Phones, Art, Graphics & Video, Photography, Poetry, Events, Gaming, Forum Games, Burundi Forum, Rwanda Forum, South Sudan Forum, Tanzania Forum, Ugandan Forum,

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