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Culture / Welcome to Kenyans247 Official Forum by Marshall(m): Wed May 2019 09:08pm
Please this is kenyans247 forum
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Nice logo
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Culture / Welcome to Kenyans247 Official Forum by Marshall(m): Wed May 2019 09:08pm
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Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by Saocv(m): Wed May 2019 05:46pm
Nairobi capital of Kenya. It is one of Africa´s most modern cities and it lloks fine! However, it is a pity that it looks more modern than Lagos and Kenya hasn´t got any oil or natural gas!
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Culture / Welcome to Kenyans247 Official Forum by Saocv(m): Wed May 2019 09:08pm
Browse and post Kenyan content without censorship enjoy post content and pictures but remember to abide by the forum rules
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Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by Sande(m): Wed May 2019 05:46pm
A green city indeed the best city in East Africa
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Investment / Private firm to fund Sh21bn old rail link to SGR by Sande(m): Thu May 2019 06:52pm

Private contractors will finance the upgrade of the old metre gauge railway (MGR) between Naivasha and the Malaba border and also+ build a new line connecting to the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) at a total estimated cost of Sh21 billion, Transport Secretary James Macharia has said.

The public-private-partnership contract will help the government to avoid borrowing more loans while ensuring that there is a reliable railway connection between Naivasha and the Ugandan border for onward connection to Kampala.

Kenya dropped its bid to extend the SGR to Kisumu and later on to the Ugandan border after failing to secure a multi-billion-shilling loan from China, which funded the first and second phases of the new railway line.

Kenya Railways deal to solve importers' container headache
Chinese bank cuts Sh32bn SGR funds
Small-scale importers 'must team up' to use SGR transport
MPs allocate Sh3.4bn for Naivasha industry park land
Mr Macharia Wednesday said the government’s priority now is to upgrade the old metre gauge railway and connect it to the SGR through construction of a new road and rail link from Maai Mahiu to the Naivasha MGR station.

Upgrading the old Naivasha-Nakuru-Eldoret-Malaba line will cost an estimated Sh15 billion ($150 million) while building of the Mai Mahiu connection will cost about Sh6 billion ($60 million).

The upgrade and construction of the connection is expected to start in the next three months.

Private sector

“Private sector would be much faster because you know it is the financing agreements that take longer but if you have ready funding from the private sector then we just engage them within our existing Public Private Partnership arrangements. We concluded the deal for the expressway from Mombasa in two months so it is possible,” said Mr Macharia Wednesday.

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CountiesIllegal fishing threatens L. Naivasha
Transporters will truck cargo through the Maai Mahiu–Narok road to the Naivasha MGR station before completion of the 43-kilometre railway line between the old and the new railway stations.

The upgrade and construction of the connection is expected to start by about August, in time for the planned launch of the Nairobi-Naivasha SGR line.

Mr Macharia made the announcement yesterday after hosting a delegation from Uganda led by the minister for Works and Transport, Monica Azuba.

There has been concerns that the Mombasa to Naivasha SGR, which cost an estimated Sh477 billion, would not be economically viable if it is not connected to Kampala which is a major user of the Mombasa Port for its imports.

Uganda team

The Ugandan team whose trip is a follow up to the March 2019 visit by President Yoweri Museveni – during which the SGR talks took centre-stage -- expressed concern over a possible rise in transport costs should the trucking between the two railways lines last for long.

“There is that gap but I hope we will work out modalities to see that our transporters would not get disadvantaged both in terms of cost and time in trans-shipping between the metre gauge railway so that it is a win-win situation for both of us,” said Ms Azuba.

Mr Macharia later told the Business Daily that the link to the MGR will result in time savings for Uganda-bound cargo, hence will compensate for any cost increases that may result from the trucking.

He said the government will engage Uganda to address possible cost implications by offering discounts should there be need to do so.

The Narok road will also have to be upgraded to allow for the many trucks between the old and the new railway, pending construction of the new railway link which is expected to take more than one year.

The CS who last week said both the Nakuru–Malaba and Nakuru-Kisumu MGR lines would be revamped, Wednesday said upgrade of the old Kisumu line may not be viable after all.

Several bridges

According to him, the line has ‘several bridges that are vandalised’ and may turn out to be a costly affair considering that the government still has plans to complete the SGR line to Kisumu where the port is to be also upgraded.

Uganda is also said to be working on the reconstruction of the Metre Gauge Railway line from Malaba to Kampala with funding from the European Union.

The upgrades for the two lines, Malaba-Kampala and Tororo-Gulu, will cost the country some Sh18 billion.

Kenya already offered to give Uganda land to construct an inland depot in Naivasha, a key mission for the delegation currently visiting the country.

The renewed focus on the metre gauge railway line now dims hopes for the fast-tracking of the Chinese-funded SGR which was expected to reach Kisumu by 2022 and link to a sea port for shipping of cargo to Uganda.

Focus on private sector funding by the government presents a shift on mega infrastructure funding which has been blamed for the ballooning debt pile for Kenya.

Last month, a Kenyan delegation in Beijing attending the Belt and Road Forum returned empty-handed after it emerged that plans to secure the billions needed to complete the SGR to Kisumu had hit a deadloc

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Great move
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Jokes Etc / White gals are flying Planes and making good use of life and our African girls ,,,,,, by Marshall(m): Fri May 2019 03:00pm
White gals are flying Planes and making good use of life and our African girls are thronging in churches looking husbands and Miracle.Mungu tulikosea wapi?is it poverty ama ni Ujinga flani tuko nayo mungu,God help us in Africa.God Pastors are taking advantage of this innocent gals seeking miracles and make them side queens.Mungu kuna kanisa moja hapa Kahawa house 80% of the gals come to church on Sunday asking God awapatie husbands,little do they know the ratio and the Matrix can't allow that to happen God.God we as Kenyan men are suffering because some are our cousins,sisters who have refused to see the true Picture. Show us the way God.
So programmers are making use kotlin
Jokes Etc / White gals are flying Planes and making good use of life and our African girls ,,,,,, by Marshall(m): Fri May 2019 03:00pm
It is a pity that churches have turn the mind set of hustle. Prays without work can't be fruit and vegetables. We add pepper and salt to our request to God for blessings...
Poetry / Aisha Jumwa is now the de facto queen of the coastal nine sub tribes. by Hassan(m): Sat May 2019 09:15am

Aisha Jumwa is now the de facto queen of the coastal nine sub tribes.
The Miji Kenda,
Them who roll up their mats and set up mast in seas to conquer storm,
Them who beat their drums in rhythm with the waves and the dancing mangroves,

They provoked her and men
attacked her like they could attack men,
Bearded men grouped together and conducted palavers,
They agreed in unison to chase the queen of the nine villages from a party they call theirs,

They were wrong in their decision,
They attacked her,
They called her names but still she could not bulge an inch.

Atwoli had uttered the unthinkable,
He was disrespectful in his statement,
His was an imagination of a very jealous he goat,
Rulers rule and bow in sight of beautiful women too.

Edwin Sifuna forgot he was in the territory of the Mijikenda,
The queen was standing and there was something about sleeping on a different kind of mat,
The queen knew much of the mat more than Sifuna and she told him to keep off the stories of mats in a Mijikenda funeral ceremony.

The dust had not settled,
The queen again fired a salvo to Atwoli,
She said the size of the ruler matters a lot,
You can't compare nor measure a V8 nor compare it's power like that of a
probox .

The queen of the nine villages is a super V8,
No way can she dance to a miserable probox whose ruler has been swallowed by his bulging stomach.
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K247 Intelligence / Super Loaf bread fraud detected by Hassan(m): Fri May 2019 08:31pm
We cannot pay tax for this fraud. It is written 400g yet it is 339g. Share until the company stops the thuggery.
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Mwerevu ameerevuka
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/ Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you. by Saocv(m): Sat May 2019 10:40pm
August 1982. Raila Odinga has been tortured for four days non stop. He is oscillating between conscious and unconscious. His head is swollen and bleeding. He can't see properly and can't stand on his swollen feet. He is at the GSU headquarters. He is also very hungry, having not eaten for days. Police Commissioner Ben Gethi walks in with a hot, succulent roasted goat leg, accompanied by four other cops. Gethi is as drunk as his mother, and is chewing on the goat leg, as he asks his cops to beat Raila some more. They land on him with broken furniture and beat him down to unconsciousness.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you!

Manyani Prison, God knows which year. Mosquitoes descend on Raila, the light in the cell doesn't go off and attracts even more insects. Daytime temperatures reach 40s, night time temperatures are as low as Murkomen's IQ. Raila writes to the authorities saying he doesn't want to be at Manyani. A doctor comes to check him and finds he is doing badly. The doctor prescribes the wrong medicine. Raila almost dies. By the time another doctor comes, his limbs are just about due for amputation. He survives narrowly.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

Kamiti Maximum Prison, God knows which fucking year. Deputy Police Commissioner Phillip Kilonzo and the Commissioner of prison visit Raila, who hasn't eaten for two weeks. They tell him they will force-feed him with a pipe! He looks them in the eye and tells them they are small men with a small mentality and they can go screw a mango! They are shocked beyond words. They walk out without another word.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

1988. Mama Ida Odinga has long been fired from her job as a teacher. The police keep surrounding her home. She gets home one day to find her maid and infant have been arrested. She traces both to a police cell. She has had to live with police harassment and humiliation every day since her husband was arrested. She has no friends left. Her children cannot play with other children. The stigma is real.

Your mother was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

1989. Raila is escaping through Lake Lolwe, disguised as a Legio Maria Priest. A Kenya Army platoon led by Major Diffu has him on the crosshairs, ready to blow the boat and Raila up. Somehow, the order does not come to execute, so he survives, barely.

Your father was not there, yet you think Raila has betrayed you.

When Raila was first arrested at the house of Oki Ooko Ombaka, he was taken alone. When he was beaten and tortured and humiliated, he was alone. From Naivasha, Hola, Shimo La Tewa, Kamiti, Manyani, he was alone. He gave his life for this. We have made strides. We have found our voices. Because he stood up when your entire clans chose cowardice. There is no contract you have with Raila that he must die for you. There is no law stipulating that a 73 year old man will give his life for you 30 year old able bodied clowns! And Raila has not stopped you forming your party and taking us to that Canaan of yours!

So please give us a break!

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Truth be told
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/ MINIMUM WAGE is a bad public policy, not good for economy by Marshall(m): Thu May 2019 09:12pm
Seriously it is really bad for nigeria
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Business / Introduce Your Business by Marshall(m): Mon May 2019 01:26pm
Hello People,

Tell us about your company and the types of services you offer. Also include your contact details.

I don't have a business yet anyway.
Here is my Codexpress labs, +234 7069735107 Marshall Unduemi
Food / Wale watu wa Utalii College by Sande(m): Mon May 2019 11:28pm
Drop here reciepes you can prepare well
All we need to learn also
/ Online Fundraising – Start a Fundraiser for Personal Causes & Charity by Marshall(m): Mon May 2019 08:13pm
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K247 Intelligence / Association Launch Campaign To Help In The Fight Against Cyber Crime by Marshall(m): Tue May 2019 08:43am
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Building/Architecture / Show us your work drop photos by Marshall(m): Mon May 2019 11:49pm
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Travel / Re: Nairobi Photos (kenya): A Beautiful East African City by Saocv(m): Wed May 2019 05:46pm
drop more photos here
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Gossip / Why I declined movie offers from Nigeria – Zari Hassan by Sande(m): Tue May 2019 11:46am
Why I declined movie offers from Nigeria – Zari Hassan
South Africa based business woman Zari Hassan has for the first time disclosed the reasons that made her refuse to take movie offers from Nollywood.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Zari said she declined all offers that came her way, because they needed her to move to Nigeria.

Why I declined movie offers from Nigeria – Zari Hassan
Why I declined movie offers from Nigeria – Zari Hassan
She went on to say that the movies also took a long time to shoot and the money was not good enough for her to leave her family and businesses.

“For movies yes nimekuwa na offers kidogo from Nigeria, but the problem kidogo it needed me to move to Nigeria. Na shooting is not something you are going to do in a week, it takes a bit of time and some of the offers I declined because the time was too long and the money was not enough for me to leave my family, my work. So ikitokea a good offer for movie why not. I’m talented and I can multitask,” stated Zari Hassan.

The mother of five while responding to the question of whether she would be a video vixen said she is past that age, and she does not think anyone can pay her enough.

“Video vixen I think I’m bigger than that honestly mtu kama atanilipa pesa ngapi for me to be a video vixen. Yaani I’ve gone past that stage,” she said.


In the interview, Zari also revealed that she was already engaged to her new man "KingBae".

She added that she wanted something different and that’s why she opted for a customized ring that soothed her desire.


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Art, Graphics & Video / Defining the law of graffiti by Sande(m): Mon May 2019 09:34pm
The smell of paint and turpentine pierces your senses as you walk into the auto garage on Eastleigh’s Third Street. There is the sound of machines as they whirr and hiss in the hands of mechanics and designers alike, busy making designs that will add their mark to the city’s iconic matatu culture.
Welcome to the workshop of Mohammed Kartarchand, originator of Moha Grafix, Nairobi’s favourite matatu design crew. Moha, as he is popularly known, shows me some of the “ma-three” (matatus) he is working on.
The brilliantly coloured vehicles are a work of art and for a moment, something reminiscent of a scene from MTV’s Pimp My Ride.
Even to the casual observer one can easily tell that he is a master of his work as he demonstrates his freehand airbrush technique – a skill that few painters in the industry have.
“I like creating new and original designs each time, which is why I use freehand airbrushing. It means that I am putting my skills as an artist to work,” says Moha, adding that it allows him to be creative on-the-fly.
Although he has never been formally trained in the arts, his passion for painting coupled with his love for cars led him down this path of matatu design in 2001.
“I have always been a gifted artist. Even in school I was known for painting and drawing. So I thought the best way to showcase my creativity was by painting matatus because I also love cars,” he says.
Throughout the interview, he repeatedly refers to his work as a moving display of art, something that keeps heads turning as the city crawlers shove past traffic.
In art, the creative process is considered paramount to the final product. It is this plan that allows the artists to clearly develop and realise an idea to its full potential. “First we sit down with the client and decide on the dominant colour, then I ask the client to specify what he wants, like name of the vehicle and any other form of branding,” says Moha of his creative process adding that this planning process is done with a team that is made up of the client, himself and his crew.
“It is from this I create a theme, pitch it to the client and the hard work begins,” he says.
Unlike many conventional artists, Moha begins working directly on the vehicle without first putting anything down on paper. He even invites the client to watch as he and his team get down to work.
“After deciding on the theme, I create all my designs as I go along,” he reveals.
Original designs
This, he says, helps to keep his work original.
Aside from the paint jobs, his workshop in Eastleigh caters for complete and comprehensive matatu design, including interior designs and other mechanical alterations.
Painting a matatu can cost anything from Sh45,000 to Sh200,000, although there have been some paint jobs that can cost up to Sh1.5 million for a full body kit, interior and exterior art work at this one-stop shop for matatu design.
“We do everything here; I employ 15 to 20 guys, including mechanics, music engineers, interior designers and other engineers,” reveals Moha.
Watching his crew at work, one realises the need for synergy in this kind of endeavour and the important value each brings to the process. The graffiti is in colours and designs that are varied as they are bright.
Across the city, many matatus bear the brand name ‘Moha Grafix’. So popular is Moha’s work that he was recently among a select few artists picked by Barclays Bank as part of their activities to mark 100 years of doing business in Kenya, acknowledging the uniquely Kenyan aspect of his art, its youthfulness and importance as a source of income. His graffiti, alongside the works done by other artists, will be unveiled by the bank at the peak of the anniversary celebrations.
Moha says that he likes to break the monotony in his work so that only a trained eye can tell the work of his hands, although his signature technique is freehand airbrushing
In his free time, Moha also paints motorbikes, helmets and bicycles.
“To be an urban artist in Nairobi needs creativity and hard work. I have mentored many young artists who are out there doing their own thing, it is great to see the impact our work has on others,” he concludes.
For the latest news in entertainment check out Sde.co.ke and Pulser.co.ke , for everything sports visit Gameyetu.co.ke and ladies we have you covered on Evewoman

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yes Moha Graffix Hassan
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